Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mohammed Cartoon.. the next day

It should not suprise us, that today as yesterday allt eh chatter is about the Mohammed Cartoon.
Afterall the Cartoon that is causing the outrage is nearly 5 months old..
So why now?
Well in hopes to get my very own fatwah let me try to spell out how i see it.

There are people in power inside the islamic world, that want confrontation, that want battle, that want bloodshed, and they do not really care who dies in this Jihad of their's .

It goes back to what I was saying yesterday, some of these fine folks belive that the only way for them to see paradise is to bring about the end of the world as we know it.. they believe this.. some have gone so far as to say it in modern public media.

History teaches, that a religeous fanatic wil die for their cause, so death is no punishment for them, and if they can bringa few million believers or non-believers with them, then it is all the better.

Perhpas at this point, we are too late to stop the inevitable? Perhaps it is too late to stop the dogs of war.. and to stop the future bloodshed?
I hope for my unborn children's and grandchildren's sake, that more sensiable minds will come to prevail.

Many people say, that an entire population cannot be brought about to thinking in such bloodthirsty ways.. to those people I say , look at 1930's Germany. The population was not blood thirsty, but the population did follow a leadership that was. This is the lesson from history that we must remember and must try to convey to every sane minded person that we can.

By the late 1930's it was only the German people that could have stopped the Nazis and the then set path to destruction. I believe it is now at the point where if destruction is to be avoided, it is up to the Islamic peoples of the world to unite against the ones who are driving that faith down this dark road.

Now if somone wants to make a cartoon of me, with a bomb in my turbin, I will be happy to post it here.. and call that person names.

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