Tuesday, February 07, 2006

jyllands-posten mohammed Cartoon.. Danish mess.. WTF?

Okay, because I dont want to get blown up, I am too chicken to actually post the cartoon that made the Islamic world go apeshit this week.. but here is a link to all 12 cartoons that the danish press printed
I don't get it?
I don't get it?
Is it that the Whack job Islamists, that are starting all this crap, want someone like Israel start nuking people? All over a semi-anti Muslim Cartoon???

I read somewhere, a theory that this is the Islamic Extremists way to bring about "the end of the world", which to my secular mind, seems pretty stupid.. but then I think about those who are suicide bombers.. and think, that these whack jobs may just be that nuts!

Then I think about a few "born again" Christians I know, who have said things to the effect of, "I ain't worried, if the end of the world comes tomorrow, Jesus will see me into heaven first" "Bring on the rapture".

Okay so how do you fight someone that thinks, nothing matters, because salvation is on the way for them? (I don't know I am asking!)

This is one of my big problems with religion.. in the end it makes little sense.. and I don’t care what persuasion you call yourself!
I think that the only thing that would change my mind on religion at this point, would be for God himself to descend from the heavens and say in a loud booming God voice.. "Okay the next one of you brats, that kills someone in my name is going straight to hell!"

jyllands-posten mohammed Mohammed would be mildly pissed I think.

A Mohamed Cartoon.. bad taste.. sure, reason to riot.. no.


Muslim said...

The pictures were ridiculous.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean insulting someone's religion.

The prophet peace be upon him is dear to us. And as Muslims, we aren't allowed to meant to draw pictures of other prophets e.g. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and we are not allowed to disrespect other religions.

DelorumRex said...

Hey thanks for leaving a comment..
I agree, the cartoons were a bad thing! I say that they do fall into freedom of speach, but that the editors, shoudl know (be told in a peacable way) that their decision to print them was deplorable.
(But that anything resemling violence as an act of retrobution, is more deplorable, and hurts, mainstream Isalm to the core.)
I hate that people who are non-Muslim are seeing only the bad apples, adn starting to group all Muslims into one bad batch.. but until the manstream of Islam comes out as loud as or louder than the rioters, and condems these terrible actions, the assholes who are destroying property and taking lives, will be all that is thought of by people across the world who are not in the main stream of your religeon.

DelorumRex said...

Dear "Muslim" again thank you for posting here.
I have been thnking about your post, and I am not here just to disagree with you, but let me say, that yes, Freedom of Speech, can mean insulting somone's religeon. (Or should)
Now with that said, I think to bash anyone's beliefes is a disgusting pratice, that I cannot and will not condone, from anybody!

But upon further reflection, freedom of speech has been down graded even here in the "land of the free". It is now possible to get arrestred for somthing called "racial intimidation" by using racist speech at somone... so keeping that perspective, if calling a black person a "nigger" is illegal, then calling your prophet a "terrorist" could be considered illegal too. But I have a problem with this.. because one has to ask, what's next?
If I call George Bush a terrorist, will that be illegal? Will that give the right to the GEorge Bush administration to come to my house, and arrest me or even kill me? I am sure you can think of other similar questions..
There inlies the beauty and darkness of free speach.. either it is all free or none of it is... I think that if you and I knew eachother, we would be friends. You might find me a bit abrasive, adn irreverant at tiems, but I am ven handedly irreverant, adn more self defacing, as opposed to defacing of others.

I hope that cooler heads will prevail, in what could serve to be the beginning of a very dark period in human history.