Tuesday, February 07, 2006

remember April is National Poetry Month! (looking or NEA money?)

Remember.. April is National Poetry Month!

As a person who oft does not see the deeper meanings in art.. what can I say my eye for the sublime was knocked out, by an evil wife that likes to find hidden meanings in everything.. most that lead to the inevitable question.. "Who are you fucking?"
Because of this type of mental training, I need sublty.. like a brick to the forehead to catch most underlying meanings.. I just don;t see them in the world of day to day.. think most people who do see them are some how psychophrenic.. or related to me wife..

So I issue a challange to all of you.. post your favorite poem here.. be sure to include the underlying meaning, so dunces like me "get it". (Even setting the stage helps.. take one poen I resently tore to shreds.. it was about death, it was written on the stage of WWI trench warefare, but without knowing that, it just seemed like a reason to cut one;'s wrists.
Hell post a lyric, and it's special meaning.. I don;t care.. I will be too busy looking for the hiden meaning in my favorite rap tune..

"My .44 make sho, all ya'll kids don' grow!"
now there is a meaning I can wrap my little pea brain around.
Carpe' Cannid!

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