Thursday, February 09, 2006

If it were not for Muhammad Cartoons..

If it were not for Muhammad Cartoons..
I would have had absolutely nothing really to talk about this week. It seems that things are just too good in my little world..
Sure I am inspired to levels of comedic excellence (in my own mind) that reach to the very summits of human capacity. (See Monty Python Worlds Deadliest Joke)

It seems though that without angst, my writing, gets all fluffy and non-interesting. Take for example, earlier this week, I tried to get myself flamed by a poetry lover, just for the sake of ripping him a new one. ( ‘cause lets face it, I may not know art, but I know what I like)

Even my little exchange with Nix.. it was half hearted.. again, I know what I like, but if he sees deeper meanings, where I see crap.. I say “good for you!”.

Lets face it, as you grow old, many times the magic under the surface, gets lost in a struggle just to get through without making an ass of yourself.

This week however, I feel magical.. not in an Alister Crowley way, but in a Unicorns and butterflies kinda way.. and who wants to hear that crap from a grown man???

So friends, and neighbors, I will try very hard to get pissed off this weekend.. in hopes to have some thing to write about, that will not put 90% of you to sleep.

For now, good night and good luck..
PS. Somtimes I miss teenaged angst

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