Thursday, May 11, 2006

American Idol, Chris Daughtry a Movie Review and more.

American Idol, is the fix in?
Rumor has it ,that Chris was bought out of his American idol contract by an unnamed record label. Combine this with his offer to sing for Fuel, and we may just know how it happened..

Everyone thought Chris would win, including Chris, the buy out and back door conferencing between AI and the label was unknown to Chris until after the close of last nights show.
(all of this is completely unsubstantiated rumor)

American Idol has lost all credibility with me due to this. How could it be that the sure fire winner of the whole shebang has one bad night and goes home? And Kat did worse than he did last Tuesday?

I hope that if there is any truth to the buy our rumor that it gets exposed. This whole thing is such a let down I do nto think I will bother to watch the rest of this years competition, if you can still call it that. Nor do i think I will bother next year. A.I. if they did make a deal, may have signed off for more cost than they bargained for..
If Chris does sing for Fuel, I will buy my first Fuel CD shortly after it's release.
here is an interesting blog entry that about sums up my feelings..

In more interesting stuff..
I watched an Movie Last night..
Evil Dead II.
For those of you who are not familure with the Evil Dead Movies, let me give you a brief discription.. Slapstick like falls, spills, hit, mixed with blood, gore, and dead people eating souls.. these movies, are a blast to watch. Especialy if you have an unusual sense of humor, or are a gore and horror fan. My bro Nix can tell you more about them than anyone I know.. you can see his blog at evilshouldntlookthisgood, and his reviews at tomb of anubis check them both out.. after you buy a copy of rent one, by using hte links below.. (you didn;t think I was doing this for my health did you>?

rent at inteliflix the best place for online rentals (IMHO)

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and last but not least.. your sexy vampire picture of the day..
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