Tuesday, May 09, 2006

David Blaine rips his own heart out video..

check this out..

That's called an illusion..
can you say illusion? I knew you could..

David blaine holds his breath for 7 minutes after waisting nearly 2 hours of his viewers lives.. thats called lame.... can you say lame? good, I knew you could..

Things I haev heard him called today.
David Lame
David Bland.
David somone's getting the Blame Blaine
David Don't Blame me you're stupid enough to watch.
David WHo?
David 'Watch me make your IQ disapear" Blaine.
David Watch my next audience disapear Blaine.
Damnit Blaine
Dogturd Blaine
Douchbag Blaine
David, you call that magic Blaine.
Dumbfuck Blaine
and variations of the above..
so all in all I woudl have to say holding your breath for 7 + minutes.. an okay stunt, at your local swimming pool, but a damn stupid way to spend two hours of any evening.

Biggest Douche Award, goes to.. no not David Blaine.. but rather, his promoter, for not seeing this one as a comlete waste of time and ariwaves... thanks a lot douche.

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