Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday May 8th and I just gotta say....

I don;t like mondays!

Sure it's May, sure we had nice weather yesterday for the first time durring a weekend yesterday, sure I got nothing better to do than to go to work.. but of fuck's sake, I just can't get motivated.

So in keeping with this mont's theme, I bring you a sexy vampire picture, adn hopes, that as the day trudges on I will be able to find that spark that makes today somthing more than a "spacer" between weekends.
Photo thanks to

okay that's not a vampire picture, but it could be.. how do you know she ain't got fangs?
Okay one more.. this one thanks to vampire fetish site..

Now all you little perverts, click on a link here and fucking buy somthing.. or I will not give you any good sex scenes in the next Duke Lacrosse Private Eye story..

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