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Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint's Blood Part Two the Morning After/

When last we left Duke, he had just met a new client, a beautiful and mysterious client, who we found out was not wearing any panties. ( I promise to get to the gratuitous sex and violence soon)

And now I offer you, the continuation of
Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint’s Blood Part Two The Morning After.

I went home, drank a couple of Scotches and thought “What happened to me today?”
Here I was all warmed up for a nigh of strippers, and telling lies, , up until that dame walked in.. now all I could do was think about her.
Usually when I get up close to a stunner like this one, I can keep my cool, but there was something about this gal that made my head spin. I felt drunk while she talked, sue her bod was distracting, and her face one of an angel, but what had happened to me? Now that she was out of the office and I had time to reflect on her visit it all got clearer, I was remembering the things she had said, while I was so “distracted”.
I gotta admit, visions of that body and face still haunt me, but when she was in my office, I was lost in them. It almost seemed like, she wanted me all confused, and enthralled, up and until she showed me that picture, then something released me to think on my own again?
And that thing she showed me, wow, it had to be a few hundred years old, and not much of it was not covered in ice of one sort or another.. I had to wonder where she stole it from? Heck something like that piece ought to be in the Vatican I figure.
I was starting to get a bit sleepy, so to the sack I went.
Wednesday must really be pissed, I thought, usually when she would go off like this she’d buy a few things, talk with her girlfriends about what a lout I was and then, come crawl into bed with me, so woe could make up good.. but not tonight. The whole day was just out of plumb somehow.
“Ah fuck it Duke:” I said to the dark ceiling in my empty bedroom. “Tomorrow’s another day, and Wednesday will be glad to hear we got work.” That was the last thing I thought, until morning..

I woke up.. it was morning.. I could tell it was morning by the faint light outside.. my head pounded, and my bladder was full.. so up to the john to take some aspirin and have a leak.. standing I felt dizzy damn dizzy.. and as my head swum snatches of wild dreams started to come to me.. “damn Duke, you really tied one on last night” I said to myself as I started to piss.. one arm against the wall behind the head to hold myself up, it burned a little, not “Singapore Bang-Clap” kind of burn but a little like the tip was irritated? . “what the fuck’s wrong with you Duke” I thought I must be coming down with some bug or another, so I thought I would climb into bed for a while longer and try to shake it. “I better call in Wednesday, may have came in today, she usually was not gone for long on these occasions, and almost always on Friday.. it’s payday, and even if the checks are rubber at least there checks, and I always made good on them before.

So back to bed.. “There’s something wrong, with this.” I thought, my head was still pounding, and there was something wrong with the light?
I had a phone on my bed stand, I dialed the number to the office, it rang, and rang again, and rang again.. no answer.. “well, it is still early, what time is it” I looked for my watch, found it on the night stand next to my wallet.. it was 8:00… “kinda dark for 8:00 I thought.. “ that’s when it hit me, the sun! My window looks west, and I could see the little slit of the sun as it SANK below the horizon! “Holly fuck it’s 8:00 at night!”

No sooner did I get that out, then I realized I was late for my dinner date…. A sexy lady always has had a way of making me feel better, and no sooner than thought of her, I started to feel better.

I tossed on my clothes, ran to the bathroom again, grabbed a quick shave and tossed some stink-juice on.
I looked a little rushed as I glanced at my mirror on the way out of the room, but it’ll have to do, plus this dame has something she wants from me, so she’ll have to cope.

I drove down to the office as fast as I dare, the streets were pretty clear this late in the evening, so it was only a few minutes before I was at the building.
I noticed a light on in the building sup’s office first floor in front.. sucker…, “oh for fucks sake”, I thought “that little bastard is probably waiting for me”.. the rent was a little over-due so I did what any fine outstanding Private Eye would.. I parked in back and went up the fire escape.
I was no more than sitting at my desk when she came in..

“Hello Mr. Lacrosse.” She said in that smoky smooth voice, with it’s hint of an accent..

“Hello uh.. I’m sorry I didn’t get your name?” I felt like a heel.

“Marie Alexander” she said, her eyes lighting on each syllable.

She offered her hand, palm down, and without thinking I kissed it. (WTF?? Usually I would smirk at anybody who did that.. but this doll had something special about her)

“How can I help ya?” I said gesturing towards the chair across from my desk.

“Mr. Lacrosse, as I told you briefly yesterday, I need your help in locating a very special family heirloom. It was stolen from my father’s collection nearly 10 years ago, and after all of those years, I have tracked it to this city. I want you to re-acquire it for me. Whatever the price is I will pay it., but I must get it back, and you must not tell anyone about this.” Her eyes lighting up on that last bit.. this dame was dead serious about that bit.

“Well keeping secrets is one thing I do well, and if the pay is right, I can get your trinket back from anybody in this city”. I sat back a little smug, but feeling that I was in for a hell of a pay day.

“It is no trinket!” She yelled standing and leaning across my desk in an all too smooth and fast manner.. gave me the heebegeebies!
She leaned over, her face close to mine, and said, “it is priceless, it is a family treasure, and you will be respectful!” I got the feeling that she would kill me right now if she did not need me.. and quite honestly she scared me a bit.

My eyes must have moved towards the upper right drawer of my desk, because she pulled htat mind reading stunt on me again..
“You won’t need you gun, not with me Mr. Lacrosse.” She must have seen my eyes move.. she simply must have, and guessed my gun was in that upper drawer? Or had she searched my office?? Ah fuck it, she was creepy but she was beautiful..
Tonight she wore a black dress, a long number, with a plunging neckline, and a slit up the side, that offered a glimpse of her goodies when she walked, shoes were high heeled stilettos, stockings silk jobs with e line up the back. They ended about mid thigh, I know because I saw the top of them through that marvelous slit. I was wondering again, if their were any panties up there, and I was already trying to think of a plan where I could be sure…

“What else can you tell me?” I said to her as cool as I could muster.

She said that the object this golden ball on a stick with sparkles, was stolen by a family acquaintance, and art dealer, a Malcolm Biggs. She said that Biggs, had run first to Rome, then Paris, then London then here, arriving in town only three days ago.
She produced a photo of Biggs, it was a newspaper clipping, the article below was in some language I had never seen, and the picture showed a skinny guy with a skinny mustache, and greased back hair standing in front of a painting of some sort.

She started to tell me what the story said, but my mind started to wander again as she spoke.. my eyes, landed on the place between her two beautiful breasts, and the ruby pendant that hung there, a big number, circled with diamonds, on a gold chain that sparkled nearly as much as the gems. With each breath her breasts rose and fell, and my mind wandered..
My mind wandered back to my dreams from the night.. day? Erotic dreams, strange how memories of dreams can come at you, when you least expect them, and when you remember a dream the sequence of events can make so little sense, but you remember thinking that it was a normal progression when you were dreaming?? The dream went something like this.. I was in my room. There was a flash or a shadow in the dark.. then I was laying on my back, nude.. a hand came up between my legs, and started to stork my cock, the hand became a mouth, a very red lipped mouth,, this crazy dame’s mouth.. then the mouth was a vagina.. riding up and down on my hard cock, only a vagina? My eyes blind to all else? The feeling of strong but smallish hands on my chest.. sharp nails digging in.. and that feeling of being ridden.. then the mouth again.. sucking and drawing my cock in.. deep draws it took, and I came, I musta came.. I didn’t wake up “wet” but I remember the feeling of cumming, and cumming and cumming, the hot fluid coming out for a long, long time.. then darkness again, and nothing more. Dreams can be so fucking strange, if my mind was going to make a dream up about this dame, the least I would expect is that it let me play with her titties while she fucked me silly? Ah well.. at least my mind is getting some if I ain’t?

As my mind came back to the room again, I noticed, that my client had again stopped talking, this time she was sitting back in her chair, eyes slightly closed, and a slight smile on her full red lips.. from under the slits of her eyelids, I saw a glint, then they were opened again, she only smiled.
I felt like she knew what I had been thinking of, and the fact that she did not look disturbed by it, nearly gave me the courage to ask her to hop in the sack with me right there on the desk.
She only smiled…

I was about to say that I would need a day or so to work up some leads, when she said. “I will be back tomorrow evening, I suppose you will need some time.: and with that she stood turned and walked out.. her ass as perfect as I had ever seen, hugged tightly by her dress, with not a panty line to be seen.. “nope” I though.

(to be continued)

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