Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol Notes: (from a reluctant viewer) Plus Duke Lacrosse and other important stuff...

American Idol Notes: (from a reluctant viewer) Plus Duke Lacrosse and other important stuff from a sleep deprived mind.
Well America you voted.. yada yada yada..
Last night was interesting..
Weak performances Fron (upskirt, wardrobe malfunction specialist) Katherine McPhee and Chris set teh stage for Elliot and Taylor Hicks to shine.. WTF!

If last night were the only night, I would have to say that Kat goes home.. but will America remember how hot and sexy she was in previous episodes??/ (oh wait, she can sing her ass off too.. that should help.. with the ladies and homosexuals)

Elliot is still so freaking boring, that you woudl think I would have had no problem sleeping last night.. too bad that is not the case.. my weekly bout of insomnia came.. and it was about 5 hours ago that I got to sleep.. I been up for an hour now.. you do the math.. Elliot singing, "Cause I am Evil" made me want to shove hiom into a locker.. and he is so fucking ugly that he is painful to watch.. if he makes it to the end.. I may just shoot myself. But fuck if he didn;t do a better job than my favorites, Chris and Kat..

Taylor, again looked like he had fun, sang well and KILLED "In the Ghetto". I have siad since the beginning that I like Taylor, and if he chose the proper songs, I woudl listn to a Taylor Hicks CD.. but is he the best??? Last night he may have been.

In mor eimportant news.. the first installment of the next Duke Lacrosse story was finished (except for editing, and that's for girls) but I do nto have a good title?
Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: You wanna suck my what?@?!
Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Darkness Falls , and It Can;t Get Back Up?
Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: All the Sex, only half the Spam.
Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Where's Tammy NYP?
Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Go find it your fuckin' self.

Here is an Excerpt..

Like what happens in every cheesy private Dick story what happened next was as predictable as it was cliché’. A dame walked in.. a real stunner.

I hear her enter in through the front door, my office door, a frosted glass number stood between her and me, in the light of the front office, where Wednesday normally sat, I could see the profile of my visitor. She was petit thing, with curves that would make Lombardi street in San Fran jealous. I let her stand out there a while, I liked to see what someone would do in an empty office, if they did not know that they were being watched.. this damn was a class act, she was writing a note on Wednesdays desk. After a moment she turned to leave, that’s when I cleared my throat to let her know I was in. (I was thinking about getting in and out and in and out with her.. them was some curves!)...

ANd so ends my third Monday of the week posting.. I will be sleeping at my desk later, so I hope it's enough.

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