Tuesday, May 09, 2006

David Blaine.. and the Sexy Daily Vampire Picture Too!

So what happened with David Blaine last night?
I hear he came up two minutes short of the world record..
This guy is a complete freak.. I like that.

It seems that most bloggers are disapointed in Bland's show.. (Spelling intentional.. for once) personally I am glad I did not waste the two hours.. but if you like that sort of thin.. (crapping in a bag for a few days.. one blogger wrote)
Check out this title.

Personaly I like magic.. I prefer Criss Angel because of the dark stuff he does.. so if you like magic, adn have no idea who Chris Angel is try this..

Which brings us to our sexy vampie picture of the day.. this pic from
They have a bunch of sexy vampire / goth pics.. I highly recomend them for this sort of thing..


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