Sunday, August 13, 2006

Aerosmith Angel Video (youtube) and Grilled Cipotle Salmon

Aerosmith .. Angel
Something about angels these days..

I was thinking that I would write something to grab a few hits from the technorati crowd here, but honestly, all that is in the top searches, doesn't interest me today.
I could write a scathing review of the Bush administration, but what good would that do? I could write about how terrorists are scumbags.. but that I like writing about the color blue, being blue.

So what to write about ... humm??
How about my top secret Salmon Recipe?
It is Salmon season after all.

First, know that Farm raised Salmon is crap.. so if you can;t get wild caught, don;t bother.
(Boy don't I feel like the snob?)

Okay here's the recipe..
First, you will be grilling your salmon.. so no grill.. go get one.
Then to prepare the fish.
Rub salmon with one chopped tbs of fresh garlic, (or just sprinkle garlic powder over the fish) then sprinkle with dill, a pinch of salt.

Salmon should be grilled skin down (yes, I prefer fillets to steaks, as I don’t like fish bones)
You should know how to remove the pin bones.. I use a pair of needle nose pliers, and there are plenty of sights that will show you where they are, and how to pull them)
You will only be grilling the salmon until it is flaky.. don’t over cook fish.. it makes it "yucky". :)

Because cooking time for the salmon is so short, you will want the top secret sauce prepared in advance.. so here's the good part.
The sauce.

Take an 8 ounce container of sour cream and place into a sauce pan (you don’t have to use the whole thing.. but I dig this stuff so much I always make too much)
Turn on a med-low heat.
Sprinkle in 1/8 tsp of dill.. more if you like. (but don’t over do it okay?)
Add 1/4 tsp salt.
Chop one chipotle pepper (canned in Adobo is just fine) Note here, Chipotle pepper can be kinda hot, so you may want to add less if you are not good with hot foods.
Finely chop 5 or 6 sun dried tomatoes. Stir it in.
(Lemmon juice, I prepare this both ways, with and without. if you like lemon on fish go ahead and add a TSP)
then lastly add 1 tbs of finely chopped / crushed fresh garlic.
Let simmer, stirring regularly for 10 minutes. (All the flavors mingle well in this time)
Take off of heat and set aside until fish is done, you will want to warm it again just before serving.

When I have guests I serve the sauce in a bowel and let them decide how much to put over the dish, when I am by myself I just ladle it all over everything on the plate.. it's that yummy.

Suggestions as to side dishes:
Baby red potatoes with butter and parsley
Asparagus (grilled)
(with rice, black beans)

I ladle the sauce over the starch dish and encourage you to do the same.

This sauce will also compliment pork, chicken and meat, but do not add the lemon juice except for chicken.
Also with beef, I will finely slice sweet onion and fry them in olive oil in the sauce pan that I then prepare the sauce. (leaving onion and liquor in pan)

Bon Appetite


Ruth said...

The salmon sounds quite delicious. I have to give it a try.

welcome to wallyworld said...

You serve the sauce in a "bowel"? No shit? Remind not to eat at your place when I'm over.

DelorumRex said...

ahh hell mal I thought you woudl likeit that way.. anyway we clean the sheeps bowel before we serve it.

(fucking filppers.. I tell you they get me into no end of trouble)

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