Friday, August 18, 2006

Movie Review “Crash”

Movie Review “Crash”

Okay ‘Crash” a one word title.. Deserves a one word review.. “Crash”… sucked.

I was looking for an action film when I got crash.. And it had a little.. A very little.. Then once I started it, I realized what they were going for was the deeper story of human existence.. Filled with racial bigotry, ugliness, and strife..
(Okay I am ugly .. So perhaps this is a good movies for me?.. NOT)

The plot bounced around like a goddamn jumping bean.. Okay if you are directing Pulp Fiction.. Not okay for this piece of tripe.
In the end we learned.. Good people kill for the wrong reasons.. Good people don’t kill for the wrong reasons.. And that I wish I had my last two hours back.. That’s about it.

One good scene of titties.. The rest was crap.. Pure d crap.
If you wanna feel sorry for yourself, watch this piece of shit.. It is a lot like watching the evening news.. Life sucks for this reason.. Film at 11:00... Give me a fuckin break! If I want to see bad shit happen to people for no apparent reason I will watch the news.. Otherwise Hollywood, your job is to entertain me.. So goddamn it dance you fucking freaks dance!!!

Here.. Know someone you hate.. Buy them a copy.

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