Thursday, August 17, 2006

American Idols Concert Review picture and a youtube video.

American Idols Concert Review.

Well that was actually the first “concert” I have been to in years. (Not counting a few views of string quartets, music festivals , etc.. but the first concert in a big venue..)
It was fun.
Ticket cost after tax and all about $58.00

Duration of show nearly 3 hours.

Each contestant (final 10) took turns singing 2-3 solo songs, and a duet with the next to come on stage.
They sang in the order of which they were voted off.

Highlights: Paris, showed how well she could shake the junk in her trunk.. Fun to watch. Elliot Yamin sang very well! Better than when on the show.
Chris Daughtry announced that he is working on his new album. And asked the audience if they would come see him solo.. Got a standing :o: to that. He was great. He did not sing Hemorrhage.

Kat McPhee only sang two songs, announced she was on vocal rest, and did not sing again until the finally.

This years winner, Taylor Hicks did all that you would expect him to "including many funny dances... ". He was fun to watch if not the best singer in the bunch.

Then a group thing with the guys less, Mr. Soul Patrol (Taylor Hicks) “Patience” by Guns and Roses, well done, even by Bucky.
The band walks off stage.. The lights stay low.. Rhythmic clapping is heard.. After 2 minutes, the band comes back.. And the encore tune.. Standing “O” throughout.. End of show.

Worth the $120 I spent.
Now a video from youtube...