Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tooth Fairy Movie Review.. Anchor Bay Does It Again!

Tooth Fairy Movie Review.. Anchor Bay Does It Again!

Last night I opened the package carefully so as not to damage the outer casing of the DVD... yes! it was Tooth Fairy the latest offering from Anchor Bay.

Produced by Stephen J. Cannell (Producer of Demon Hunter)

Story goes, Northern Cali, 1949, evil witch lures children to her crumbling hole.. oops I mean home, by offering them presents for their last baby tooth.. then all hell breaks loose...

I don’t want to give anything away, but let me say, that going into this movie I was expecting a rip off of Darkness Falls.. it was not.. at one point I thought this could easily make a children's movie .. ala Goonies.. well then the penis was cut off, and shown lying in the dirt.. so nope.. not that either.. (I guess he got his dick knocked in the dirt .. literally...)
There was a chipper-shredder killing.. and that alone should make this movie worth watching to my old pal Nix! Plenty of hatchet work, well done gore, and lots and lots of screaming... Only a few really dumb things happened to the plot.. and they are forgivable considering how much fun this movie is.

This movie was what horror movies so often try to be and miss.. it was fun. I really did not care so much about any of the characters.. but that was okay.. because it made me kinda cheer for the bad guy.. (witch)..
It could have used a few more cameos, by the actress’s hooters, but the two that did show up were quite nice, b cup specials, without the silicone that we have grown so accustom to seeing.

All total, 4 out of 5 on the fun-o-meter.. well worth the cost of admission.

so don;t just sit there.. go buy your own copy...

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