Monday, August 14, 2006

Southpark songs.. including Uncle Fucker!

and let me now forget.. the theme de jur...
Chocolate Salty Balls..
Take it away Chef!

If I had a phone that took ring tones.. I would want that to be the one that sounded when my boss called..

In other news..

Kyle's Mom is still a big fat bitch..

So anyone hear anything from Issac Whatshisname? He singing on Cruise ships yet?

here's one for him...

Tom Cruise is still in the closet.. damn.

and the coup de gras!

Yes.. how would you like to...

Okay gotta go.. enough fun for now kiddies..
stay tuned form more outragous stuff.. and random acts of grilling commited against salmon everywhere.

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Excellent, love it! » »