Saturday, August 19, 2006

Family revelation.. Sly and the Famiy Stone + Sam the Sham

I just found out that my father toured with Sly and the Family Stone.. he was the tokien white guy in the horn section.. still cool.

BTW.. Sly hated "whitie"
In an earlier brush with fame.. dad played for Sam the Sham and the Pharos.

according to Dad Sam was a dick..
and here's one for my peeps...

That Phil Collins felt so good I want to do another...

say baby.. looks like we're doin an 80's extrvaganza!
So one more.. it ain;t got shit to do with my dad.. but it has everything to do with you...
and then...

how about a little more.. just a little bit.. say the magic word....


okay one more 80's video moment..
Peter Gabriel..
Games without Frontiers

I'm outta here...

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Anonymous said...

What's your dad's name dude?