Monday, December 19, 2005

Cyber.. anyone do it?

Cybersex.. I have a lot of questions.. but don;t know where to start...

How about this.. Does anyone use the same material with different cyber partners?
I would think that this somhow detracts from the experience.

Multiple cyber partners: What is proper ediquite'? Is it okay to have several, or does one run the risk of making your cyber lover jealous, if you go off typing with somone else?

Is it cheating? I mean if you are in a physical relationship with somone, and have a bit of the old typing in-out-in-out with some unknown piece of fantasy is it really cheating?

If it is cheating, what is the difference between that, and say reading a romance novel and imaging that you are one of the people in the "F" scenes?
Only difference I can see is that hte type is still fresh when you cyber, but it is still type...

What happens if you meet your cyber partner? How can anyone live up to a fantasy? (I mean unless you say you have a shorty adn go too quick, adn then show up joe average??? But who would want to cyber with somone who is that honest.. or icky?

For me the whole issue of cybersex is facinating.
I see it as more artistic than phone sex, but perhpas just as kinky. If anyone cares to comment annonymously, I would love ot hear some of your cyber experiences.

(I wonder how I could hook up with two women and me all cybering at the same time? I can speed read, so perhaps that will be a plus?)

So you brng the imagination, I'll bring the KY and the Chocolate Bunnys!


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