Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Review of a show I failed to see...

Well the goodly Rev. C.P.S. has done it again!
The BAD SANTA show went off as I had imagined it would
See the review

I wish I was there, and wish them a happy godless christmas..

Perhpas I should take a moment to tell you why I was not there?

(deleted.. 'cause it jut pisses me off)

Instead insert want ad.

Wanted: Babymomma!

One Babbymomma wanted to help me spread me genes around before I get too old to fuck.

Must be self sufficiant, intellegent, attractive, D&D free, and like to get inseminated the old fashiond way.

BJ's a plus.

Oral availabe upon request.

Submit resumes to photo submissions get first review.


NixEclips said...

Dude, WTF attracted you to this psycho in the first place? Is she a hot piece of ass, or something? Does she have a bigger Lego or He-Man collection than you? Damn.

Nix says: Suffer through, my friend.

DelorumRex said...

it all started innocently enough.. she was so kind so sweet , and a little needy. I think that the needy thing kinda turned me on in some sick way..
Then one day she just stopped going home after our evning romp-fests.. her home had become unlivabel, due to drugs and voilence.. (two sons and her dead husbands brother had moved in on her, and were destroying the joint)so I said "sure you can stay" thinking myself a hero..

I was a fucking chump! SUCKER STOOOOOOOOOOpid person.

I shoudl have booked at the first sign of psycho, but i htought it was just stress getting the better of her.. so I was kind an patient.. and slowly but surely.. she weedeled her way to where she is today..
I try not to talk abotu it, but I am so fucking fucked!
OPtions as i see it right now, are, WIn Lotery, and move to some place she can;t find on map, (making sure that there is enough money, that that she will too busy fighting off the drug addled kids to come lookign for me)
or B: Die.

I am a big fat chicken when it coems to making B happen by myself, so I leave it in the hands of the fates.
Ohh that's kinda dramatic sounding.. actually, it is a lot like suicide.. a complete change or nothing at all.. and I am admitedly a little affriad of that kind of sweeping change at this late stage in life.
DeRex says: The first hit, needs to be the last hit, regardless of cause or excuse.

NixEclips said...

I've played the hero and got played for a chump, as well. It fucking sucks to be a nice guy. We never get the play and we get shit on.

Nix says: Let Darkness Falls be your lover. heheheh

DelorumRex said...

darkness falls.. I fucked her.

Anonymous said...


DelorumRex said...

Thank you Darkness Falls for your apearence.

I like this post much better now..

Yabbos! Yabbos! Here's to your FUCK!