Wednesday, December 21, 2005

An honest discussion on Love and Sex.

On Sex and Love.

I write this for someone who is special to me.. in a “I would feel honored to be smacked upside the head by him” way. You know who you are.

Love: Love is an emotional thing, not a real tangible commodity nor a physical , bodily function. While it has been claimed to be the best thing in life, you can in fact live a fully productive life without it. Let’s face it kids , love.. it ain’t air or food or water.

Love is grand. Well sure it is.. but let’s keep things in perspective.

Sex: Sex is a bodily function. Medical teachings allow us to understand that the suppression of any bodily function leads to stress. Stress leads to lack of concentration, loss of sleep, accelerated heart rate, and respiratory rate, elevated blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, indigestion, diarrhea, and death.

Ss basically we can now take our understanding of sex and death and come to this conclusion. Fuck or Die!

Pick one.

I have had sex, with and without love. Sure emotionally sex with love is better. But one does not equal the other.
In fact some of the most memorable “sex” was with a complete stranger, so how much “love “ do you think was involved with that? I think you have to know someone’s name (FIRST AND LAST) to be in love.

But is knowing someone the essence of love? NOPE! The longer I have known some of my lovers the less I like them. And therefore love them.. it is the old “I love you, but I am not in love with you”. (which if you have ever been told this by someone means in English :”I wanna fuck other people”)

So lets make this CLEAR.. you can and should have sex.. lots of it.. every day.

If you happen to fall in love, you should have sex with that person. (Unless of course they will mace you for trying.. then you need to go love someone else)

I have given serious consideration to starting a sex cult.
It is not that I think that there is some deep religious meaning to sex, I just don’t think people in general fuck enough.

If you have to get all “spiritual” about it, I suppose you could say that The Creator, wanted us to have sex. (A LOT) if not it would not feel that good. If biology is to be the key to sexuality, we can look at a scale or pain pleasure.
Lets look at it this way. 10 feels best, Creator Approved Activity.

10. Sex
9. Breathing when air has been withheld
8. Quenching thirst when water has been absent
7. Eating, when food has been lacking.
6. A nice healthy urination
5. Healthy bowel movement (may be 6 on scale actually)
4. Scratching an itch.
2. Stretching
1. Rubbing tired eyes
0. Sleep
-1. Cutting face while shaving
-2. Cutting bikini area while shaving
-3. Sticking finger into eye forcefully.
-4. Stubbing ingrown toenail
-5. Jamming Knee into desk while trying to click away from a porn site (before boss, wife, girlfriend, wife’s girlfriend, etc. can see)
-6. Smacking elbow (funny bone)
-7. Projectile vomiting
-8. High fever
-9. Major bone broken poking through skin
-10. Kick in the nuts.

Now there are many things that fall in between “kick in the nuts” and “Sex” so that goes without saying.

But suggesting that the Creator uses the Pain / Pleasure method of teaching the masses, (seems to be the case in nearly everything else (excluding drugs, that’s an outside influence.. we’re talking bodily function here.. hippie) we must assume that society has missed the boat on sex.

So from me to you.. go have some sex.. go have a whole boatload of sex.. see someone you like.. and aren’t sure what to get them for Christmas.. try sex. (Or just a nice hum job)

When I look back at history, I can see where in almost all cases, society has been wrong.
So I say “It is time to stop the oppression of our puritanical past! Free ourselves from these self imposed chains! Raise ourselves up to what the Creator truly intended and FUCK!”

God Bless Each of you.. with lots of steamy sex.


NixEclips said...

I'm not quite sure what you're saying. Something about we should all own chinchillas? Or was it something about sex? Hmmmm...Perhaps I should read this post again.

Nix says: Right on, man!

DelorumRex said...

We should all wear chinchilla condoms.. and have lots of hot steamy, making monkey faces sex.
Yea, that's what i was trying to say.