Thursday, December 22, 2005

Forgive me father for I have sinned..

Forgive me father for I have sinned.. it has been (um hm) years since my last confession..

Oh I so want to tell you all a story.. on of mystery, intrigue, and sex… but honestly the person I would be talking about may read this blog, and would shoot me for thinking such naughty things about her. (or maybe not..)

As promised, this will be about soul mates..
I am not sure I get the whole soul mate thing.. I think really all you need is someone that appreciates you for who you are, and will love you , even if you never change. You in turn need to love that person, and hope that they never change a thing..

Too many times I have seen people “fall in love” and then go about trying to change all sorts of shit about the other person. Well I got news, you do not love that person, you love your ideal of what that person could be, and it is not fair.. and quite frankly it sucks, if you are the person who is always being told you need to change this that and the other thing.

I actually believe, that it is the person who is always suggesting that the other needs to change that is looking for change in themselves. It is just easier to hate something in someone else, than to accept that there are parts of you that you do not like.

(I will leave the case in point to your imaginations)

Secondly, if there is something about someone , you cannot “live with” tell the right away! Don’t wait 6 years to bring it up.. and then bail on them when they cannot change that part of themselves without effecting other things that you like..

People (and their spiritual/emotional make-ups) are like an open bowl of liquid. If you alter one part, all parts are subtly changed. It is when you can say to yourself, that this person needs not to change, that they are as perfect as they can be and as close to perfection as I want them to be, that you can love them. For change one thing, take one speck of debris off of the surface, and the whole being is affected by the ripples.

I have heard that in order to love, you must first love yourself, this could be the reason why. I have seen way too many times when one part of a couple were so unhappy with themselves, that they tried to change their partner, to better reflect the perfection that they themselves could not attain.

“To thine own self be true…”
makes sense in this context.

True Love: Yes, I believe it is obtainable, but both partners must be capable of the experience for either to have it. (For any duration) So if like me, love has always been at arms length, look first inwardly, then outwardly, and understand that it is not all your fault when shit falls apart.. unless of course you are a dick.. then well .. you got what you had coming.. (not really)

Dicks need love too.

Shit, I have officially run out of time to talk with you.. so nuff for now.. Yabbos yabbos…

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