Monday, December 19, 2005

Fur is it ever “okay”?

Fur is it ever “okay”?

I live where it is BLOODY FUCKING COLD!
I bought a fur hat a couple of years back from an all native art shop in the bush of Alaska. It is mostly beaver and looks a bit goofy, but when it is 0 degrees outside, your head will sweat with any exertion!

SO now I want mukluks. Real Mukluks, with Moose Skin souls the whole lot.

Also I would like to get a vest, like a friend of mine, (Native-American Alaskan) has, it is seal skin. Spotted seal, with whale bone buttons really very pretty.

And as long as I am at, it a coat, one of I dunno.. wolverine and beaver perhaps? (Again whale bone buttons, or maybe even Walrus Ivory buttons)

All of these animals would have been killed for food, or other goods, and used as only native communities can use the bounty from animal products and nature.

The Furs, that are not needed by the native people (Tribe / village) are used to make garments which are sold to “southerners” like me.

I don’t see the harm in wearing native made fur? I have been asked by people if I feel guilty wearing my fur hat.. I just look at them like they have asked me how to “get one foot unscrewed so that they could shove it up their water balloon.” It just is not a sensible question to me.

Am I wrong? Is it always bad to wear fur? Even if it keeps you warmer than any synthetic fabric you have ever felt? Even if it helps support a, (by our standards) poor Native Community? Or is everyone that just sees fur and thinks “evil” stupid?

I gotta vote “stupid” on this one?

Just got a Christmas Card form Alaska, gotta get me some mukluks! F you PETA!

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DelorumRex said...

I want a fur condom to use on an old friend. It that wrong?