Tuesday, January 03, 2006

7 days to blast off..

7 days and counting..

Yes, friends and neighbors, only 7 days left until the big flight to Sweden.. (Sweden + January = Me Freezing my Kineeky off!)

Wish me and my Kineeky well!

I am partially dreading having to go right now. I have a ton of crap that is about to need doing at work.. and even more crap going on around the house, that needs attention. I think I have managed to make the house as secure as possible, while I am gone. I got a 130 pound dog, and she will be home during the day.. at night, she will be in the house, and may be accompanied by a son and his (soon to be wife). My next door neighbor, is nosy as hell so he will keep an eye out.. all is well.. I still get anxious.. too many times in the past I have come back to a disaster of one type or another.. but hopefully this year will be better.
I am sure once I hit the ground in Stockholm, I will be just fine.

I don’t mind flying. I used to fly a lot as a child, back and forth to grandma’s house. Seems like it was about every 6 months that I was in the air, for as long as I was growing up.

I will be working at least two days while I am there, the rest of the time , I hope to see what can be seen.
This poses a small problem.. I want to see architecture, museums, and historical places. My wife, will want to go shopping.

Shopping , to me is as exciting as watching paint dry.. I would rather have oral surgery than to shop for hours. (It is a man thing I guess)

One of the people we will be seeing, we spent some time with last year in the Virgin Islands, with luck she will take my wife shopping, so I can get some rest.. rest will make this feel like a vacation.. and then after she has spent all of my money, we might get a museum in.

Vacation: I would much rather be where it is warm, for vacation. I am trying to get to south west Florida to do a little work, hopefully within the next two months. It will still be colder than Dante’s 7th level of hell here, so it will feel more like vacation than anything.

Once I get back I may just jump a plane to Fl, to thaw out! I have about 3 weeks of vacation to use up, so I might as well.. eh?

Last night, I slept like a log. I do not think I so much as moved once I closed my eyes. I felt pretty good this morning. A nice change.

It is now mid day ,and I feel fatigue setting in.. I was hopping to get some computer time in tonight when I got home. I have an article I want to writer for an industry mag, and also want to get some RSS feed stuff attempted with a web site I run.
We will have to see how sleepy I am when I get there.

People: Does this happen to everybody? Sometimes, I look at people, and get such a creepy vibe from them. Usually it is distrust.
There is a new hire, here in an office directly attached to mine, and I swear this chick makes me feel like she is scoping my wallet. Every time I see her it gets stronger. She started about a month ago.. it is a business that leases space from us, and has offices in my office group (We have two groups) Business office , and my offices. They lease about 2/3 of my office groups unused space. When I first met her, she made me feel uneasy. Then every time I have seen her since she made me feel more uneasy. Then about 2 weeks ago, she managed to get her husband hired in at that office.. and he struck me as a coke freak on amphetamines, and beyond the ADHD he also came across as a smarmy, leisure suit wearing used car salesman type. Just creepy.
(or maybe it’s those damn monkey eyes?)

Weather: It has been a really strange winter. We has a ton of snow on thanksgiving day, that is a little early even for this piece of frozen tundra.
Normally we are playing around with temps near 0 the first week of January, but last night we had a THUNDER STORM! With GOBS and GOBS or rain, temps up around 40 degrees?

Lows are 30s and 20s but those should be at best highs.
Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t bitching that it is 40 degrees warmer than I am used to,, but it is “creepy”.

Time to check Stockholm weather..
Wind Variable at 1 MPH (1 KT)
Visibility less than 1 mile
Sky conditions obscured
Weather Freezing fog
Temperature 15 F (-9 C)
Dew Point 12 F (-11 C)
Relative Humidity 85%
Pressure (altimeter) 30.45 in. Hg (1031 hPa)
ob ESSB 031750Z VRB01KT 1100 R12/P1500N R30/P1500N FZFG VV002 M09/M11 Q1031 3072//66

FREEZING FOG! Gotta love flying into that.

I have a friend in Alaska that has a freezing fog story.. small plane, freezing fog, Ice on wings.. scared the Bush Pilot.. that’s bad.. he lived.. all is well.. but I don’t like Freezing Fog!

Temps at 12 – 15 degrees.. sounds just like home.
Well Kids.. I gotta go.. leave a comment and prepare for Elvar Swiftfire day commeth.


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