Monday, January 02, 2006

International swifty day is coming!

Yes friends and neighbors, International Swifty day is coming! (date to be announced)

What does this mean to you..
Well if could mean fame and forture!

On a day to be announced, we will make a world wide effort to get a top 10 search on Technorati.
How? By asking all of you, and both of my friends to go to technorati throughout the day adn search for

If enough of us do, he will rise to top ten status, (and I expect on of you to grab me a screen shot of it when it happens)
Here is hte good part.. you can benifit, by adding the tag to your posts! Then when people do click on the unknown Bruna Bianco like name at technorati, they will find you.
Thus brining you traffic, and if you are worth teo Daphne Teo's a load of fame and perhaps fortune.

How do you put the tag on your blog? Easy, just copy the code in the box here

And paste it into your blog's "edit html" section.

You can start now, by going back adn adding it to the few choice posts you have, you know the ones you want to get noticed.. on that day to be announced in thh future.

Remember the key is to tell everyone you know to go to on the date (to be chosen) and search for Eliar Swiftfire

So now you know how to play.. check back here for updates.. adn let the games begin..
you can start praticing now.. by searchign for

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