Wednesday, January 04, 2006

just in case anyone was wondering..

for $441.00

Flight: British Airways flight 206 on a Boeing 747 Jet - non-stop
Depart: Miami, FL (MIA) - Wed, Mar 29 at 4:15pm
Arrive: London Heathrow, UK (LHR) - Thu, Mar 30 at 6:35am
Meals: Meal Served

Flight: British Airways flight 430 on a Airbus Jet - non-stop
Depart: London Heathrow, UK (LHR) - Thu, Mar 30 at 8:40am
Arrive: Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) - Thu, Mar 30 at 10:50am
Meals: Meal Served

This is only one example of how cheep it is to fly international. I have flown on Brittish Airways and enjoyed it. KLM is another great choice when flying into Amsterdam.

Here I use Northwest and connect to KLM (a partner)
But that is because I am not in a big city. I have ot hop a commuter to get to a major airport.

My airport is growing up, but you still in almost all cases of going overseas have to get to a larger airport first.

My next trip to Sweden is only $330 (aprox) round trip..
I encourage all of my stay at home american counterparts to go explore the world.. if you do not have a passport, sure it is about $100.. but it is good for 10 years. Go get yours now!
It takes up to 90 days to get one back from the state dept right now, the last person I knew that ordered one , had a wait of about 70 days.

Soon you will need a passport to travel to any forighn country, so even if you are not ready to go over the pond, a trip to Mexico, or Canada, will require one, so just do it.

There comes more than just a littel satisfaction when you are first called a "world traveler" so please do it.. you will be thrilled by your adventure.

Plus if you take photos, your blog will be more interesting too.

Untill later, this is DeRex wishing you a happy and healty , good night.


NixEclips said...

I am writing your goddamn review right fucking now, damn you. Shit, I just spent 10 minutes writing the intro and I haven't even pushed play, yet. Fuck you, you bastard. This movie doesn't deserve this much of my life. :)

Nix says: Oh, but I can't wait to tear it apart.

NixEclips said...

Alright, shithead. Put yours up. I'm done with mine. I need a shower. Blech. DAmmit! I mean "Yeehhhh Eeeeeee! AAAahhhh!"

NixEclips said...

Ok, fine. I put it up. Now get busy.

DelorumRex said...

NIxie.. I will wath that movie tonight.. I wil enjoy it.. and I will get hummed.. all bad movies should have a "happy ending".