Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year, Nixeclipsosis, and stuff...

First things first.. I promised to send a picture to a friend that reads this, of when iw as body building.. this is the "biggest" I could find. I went another 20 pounds up, before my shoulder injury.

I did not sleep well last night, so my typing (normaly stellar I know) is even worse..

I took a nap yesterday, and I think it kept me up last night.. boy I sure could sleep right now!

This morning, I did post here, but Blogger ate my post.. I hate that.. adn I did not have time to go back in and type anything. so you all loose.. (actually it was so poorly typed, you really win)

t had just random ramblings.. of a sleep deprived mind.. kinda like this post.
So how was your new years eve?
Mine was for the most part neventful? Well I did have my four step sons over, their wives, two grand kids, an nephew, a friend, his gal, adn about 6 friends of sons and nephew, that look and act like drug dealers.. made me feel uneasy, but if I say antything about these hoods in my house, I am being rediculous.. and I quote my wife here "They woudl be affraid of C (C is one son).. if they stole he woudl kick there asses".
Well guess what I don;t buy it.. I need the fuck away from these people. (I just hate them all.. plain simple.. I hate them)

Anyway, I did nto come here to bitch.. I came here to complane.. actually am still a littel pissed that blogger ate my first post)

I had a cool list of things I hoped to accomplish this year, including one person whom I hope to have sexualy.. but you will just have to guess about that now.. and no nix it wasn;t you.. pervert.

Perhpas later int eh day I will get back to posting my list of shit to get done this year.. that are NOT resolutions.
For now PEace!
PS. Did you see Dick Clark? Damn, takes balls.. I say Good for you Dick!

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DelorumRex said...

can you believe it?!?!?! After nearly an hour.. Blogger found the lost info and posted it? Freaky!