Friday, January 06, 2006

Darkness Falls.. a quick and simple review :Part of the Dueling (banjo) Review Series

Here we are, I finally got to torture Nix as he had tortured me, Yes, ladies and gentlemen I made Nix watch "Darkness Falls" and I am damn near giddy with schoolgirl like self pride.

To see his, well written but totally inaccurate review, click here

Sure Nix is a legend in the Movie Review Circles.. but that does not make him right all of the time.. and after reading this latest installment, I can;t wait to see him shout from the mountain tops the wonders of "Brokeback mountain".
But enough putting poor Nixie, in his well deserved place.. on with my review of a Horror Classic in the making..

Darkness Falls.

Shitbilly Blick reporting:
I am short on time more than anything, so I will make this short and sweet.
Darkness Falls.. Hated by horror fans everywhere, misunderstood, and tossed under the bus without justification.

US Theatrical Release Date: January 24, 2003
MPAA:PG-13 for terror and horror images, and brief language.
Production Company: Blue Star Productions, Distant Corners Entertainment Group Inc., Revolution Studios, Village Roadshow Pictures
USA Box Office: $32 Million
Budget Estimate: $11 Million
Also Known As: Don't Peek / The Ghost of Matilda Dixon / The Tooth Fairy: The Ghost of Matilda Dixon / Tooth Fairy
Filming Locations: Australia Ballarat Street, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Maine, USA Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Sun Theatre, Yarraville, Victoria, Australia Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sure you will see a PG-13 movie here, no real blood bath anywhere to be found. ala Quintin Terantino
That is one of the things that makes this movie "great" okay different.
The premise is simple.. a woman, a kindly woman nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy" for her habbit of giving good little boys and girls a gold coin for their baby teeth.. is killed wrongly for a murder she did not commit.. and her spirit is pissed!

Now upon loosing your last baby tooth, she comes.. if you see her.. she kills you.

But light can save you, and in the end does save all the cast.. of very sexy people.. don't you love horror movies.. not an ugly one in the bunch.. and never an intelligent one either.. I love how women always fall when running from the bad thing.. and cats always jump out at you, and if you are not supposed to go into somthing like darkenss.. your ass most asuridly will .. Horror Movies.. Suspend Beliefe, Suspend Intelligence, and enjoy the ride.

It has been called slow in the middle.. okay maybe it is.. Evil Dead a classic was creepy shit from start to finish.. if you want creepy from start to finish and bad production value see Evil Dead. (Still a great in my book BTW)
But if you want a movie, that gives you time to think and care about the characters before they are killed horribly.. (or not) , with excellent production value and a really creepy sound effects...Watch Darkenss falls.

Okay why do I like this movie? Is it because Nix hates it? (Well that don't hurt) It really is because of the first time I watched it.. my date.. was scared shitless.. got good and close.. During the viewing.. and in the end hummed me to show her gratitude for my being there to protect her from the "Tooth Fairy".. how can you not like a movie that ends so happily?!?!?

Nix you just need a humjob!

In my book it rates up there with The Grudge and The Ring.


NixEclips said...

Yes, the surroundings you first see a movie in can affect your feelings for the film. And all the things you listed as positives I hated, you fool.

PG-13. Bah! Horror was never meant to be sanitized like that.

Nix says: But a hummer might have raised it a notch or two. MIGHT have.

DelorumRex said...

You know I just realized.. Darkness Falls DVD new at > $10.
The soundtrack: $17.95
Okay maybe the movie did suck.

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