Monday, January 02, 2006

new year nixeclipsosis


Yes we all made it to another year.

And no I can;t believe it either.

I do not make new years resolutions.. but I do make goals for anew year, and for the next day for that matter.. so it is all the same.

I once had a goal to get BIG.. I was a skinny kid, and had low self esteem at the time.. so big I got. This picture is the "biggest" one I could find.. I got bigger.

I have uploaded it here , for one special person.. that I promised to send it to a while ago. I hope she sees it.

Unerstanding that I am all blubbery and ugly now.. :)

Goals for the new year..

1. Get my Lotus on the road. I need to put about $2000 into it, to get it back up to snuff. I miss driving it. Sure I am compensating for a small member.. but at least I CAN compensate..

2. Pay off credit cards. (This may seem counter to #1.. and it may be when all is said and done)

3. Get web generated income up to $20,000/yr. Which means you will suffer through even more advertizing in my quest to find the right matches.

4. Find a source for books on tape.. I feel that modern music is rotting the few brain cells I have left.. and talk radio just pisses me off.

(Though I will probobly still listen to Rap.. 'cause I gots to have my hip hop yo!)

(I bet 50% of you wish I would add.. take a typing course here.. well guess what.. it ain;t happening)

5. Get back to Europe.. (Easy as I have already booked my flight to Sweden, but I mean France, Belgium, The Netherlands.. and maybe England again.. I am hearing that the pound it sinking, if it does England may actually be affordable this next year.. )

6. (I am keeping this one to my self)

(There are more , but I am out of time.. )

Nixeclipsosis: Yes friends and neighbors, I am on 3 hours of sleep.. wha thappens here over the next 12 hours I cannot be completely heald acocuntable for.. (This includes typing held as h-e-a-l-d) but my assistant is back and I am still pissed off at my boss.. so I guess I will be typing here.. and getting paid for it..

I am still trying to figure out how to put New YEars Eve in perspective.. so that post may come today.. especially after, sleep deprivation makes my defenses drop some more.. I will not be suprised if by the end of the day, I am confessing to crimes I did nto commit.. anyone want to know wher eI stored the documents?? Th eGold .. the secret to life the unierse and everything? Well today is your day to ask.. I feel like I have been slipped a roofie, adn am ready for a good old fashioned interrogation and romping.)


Anonymous said...

Do you ever make me HOT! You are so good looking and you dont even no it.

DelorumRex said...

Oh nix stop it.. you're making me blush.