Monday, January 02, 2006

Priceless.... photos.. What was I thinking??

Black/Red Lipstick $2.45
Black Bikini Undies $3.95 for a tube of three.
Teddy (that's too short) $22.50
Case of Dragon Stout $23.95
Getting your largest friend drunk and then to dress up in a Toga and get his picture taken with you in Drag..

Funny this picture is old enough to drink..

I wonder what ever happend to Elmer (left) I miss him,, in a strange.. wish I had not had this picture taken sort of way.

If anyone has seen Elmer McDowell, or knows his whereabouts, please pass this link onto him.. or at least the picture!

(Why didn't I know my Teddy was too short??? I guess even with all the pratice I had back then, I did not know a proper fit when I saw one)

(I was going to say here that , everyone has one photo that they are embarresed over.. but you know what , I am not embarrased by this photo.. I had a shit load of fun with the people I knew then. Hell, I still feel "love" when I think of them.. so bugger off.) (now the phot that came after this one.. well I was drinking.. I had taken cold medicine.. she swore she was my age.. I didn;t know her dad was the Sherriff, and my Grandma ate my homework)

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