Tuesday, May 23, 2006

American Idol.. damnit! I bought tickets!

YEs, I did it.. I bought tickets.. I am going to see the Idols on Parade or whatthefuck ever they call it.. coem to find out so is half the office staff here.. if we had only admited our Idol weakness (YEA Katherine McPhee Wardrobe Malfunctions!) We could have gotten a friggin sky box for the damn thing.

ANd yes, I am ging to watch tonight.. I think.. I am still pissed that Chris got booted, but I am in it for a penny I am in it for a pound.

Can anyone tell mewhat he hoopla is about Jesse MacBeth? Or is it Jessie MacBeth?

I don't get it.. perhpas it is the spam level on the search engines.. but he is either a Green Barret (reported) who wrote a book that is or is not full of lies, or he is a genetic cross between Jesse Jackson adn the Shakespear Charictor?

That's a scary thought.. A Rev. that extorts money from corporations and who speaks in lyrical English phrasing that nobody outside of a select few thespians can truly understand.. "I AM'ith Somebody!"

Actually I like Jesse Jackson, especially when he hit all those home runs.. :)

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