Friday, May 26, 2006

Calling Tammy NYP! Seven degrees of seperation? Not anymore kiddies.. Vidoe , VLOG, NEws!

Dear Tammy, and other friends of tammy.. check this out.

Yes, this is for real.. no BS!
A real (job) offer for the world's sweetheart Tammy NYP!
So my fellow bloggers, if you don't know where tammy is, or who the hell she is, at least pass this URL around.. if everyone passes it to everyone they know, and posts a link to it on their blogs asking for the same thing.. just spread the word.. that's all just spread the word.. Tammy we NEED you!
The person responsible, for us here, and so many other bloggers seeing record traffic, may get rewarded in a way that is suiting to her stature as a legend!

So what do you do?
Copy the link URL to this post.. paste it into your blog as a link, or just email it to a shitload of people.. that's it.. fire and forget.. let the WWW and the power of the blogosphere do all the rest!
See you soon!
The link right to this post only is
about vloging:



welcome to wallyworld said...

Tammy better be should see the babe that's joined us at the Vlog -

Jess James - remember that name because this girl is headed for stardom. Check her out.

Anonymous said...

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