Thursday, May 25, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Sain't Blood Part 6.. Darkness and Light.

Two dead dames in my bed, a headache from hell herself, and a burning when I piss.. this was not going to be a good day.. or should I say night.

A hundred things went through my head, all of them involving me behind bars. I am not saying I got anything against the coppers, but they do have a tendency to lock people up until they can get around to figuring out what’s really going on.

I figured, that if two people were killed in the same bed I was in, and I didn’t do it, I didn’t have time to wait for the cops.

So I did what any good old fashioned American male would do.. I made a plan to stash the bodies.

For now, it was contain the mess, later I could come back when it was a bit darker and traffic had died down a bit to find a place to stash them.

So clean up and plastic wrap, and I was out of there.

The sun hadn’t quite gone down yet, and I gotta tell ya, with my head, the light about killed me.. but somehow I managed to make it back to the office.

I walked in to Wednesdays empty desk, she must really be pissed, she has never stayed gone this long. And because of her absence there were no messages in her familiar , friendly scrawl on my desk either.

I sat that for a long time. Trying to piece together the events from last night, Frankie’s dive, the girl’s deaths, and so far not a lead on Malcolm.

I planned to get out again tonight and see if I could track this Malcolm fellow down when in walks my client.

She looked stunning as always, she wore red tonight, a deep blood red, her hat had a small vale of black that hung down over her eyes, but left her blood red lips exposed.. as she spoke, I found that they still held me entranced.

She was asking if I had had any success last night, I assumed she was talking about in tracking Malcolm down, but because of her crooked little smile I got the feeling that she knew about the girls.

I said that I was working on a few things (I lied) and that I would contact her as soon as I had anything solid at all.. her eyes lit up at that, and her demeanor seemed to change, into something resembling a cat’s.

She licked her lips slowly, and again began to speak.. my mind started it’s strange wandering as she did.. there was something going on with this dame, that I found unsettling, as much as I found her desirable, she scared me.

She ended by saying, “Why don’t you come back to where I am staying, we could go over everything, and perhaps I could shed some more light on things? “

She stood to leave the room, and I felt compelled to follow.. it was as if she had already instructed me on what to do.. we went down the stairs and out to my car all without saying a word to each other, she stood and waited for me to open the door for her.. I knew she had class, and she was proving it.. I started the car, she said ‘The Capri”, and I drove.

The Capri was a real swanky hotel, not to far form Shakey’s actually.. we drove on, all without saying a word.

When we got there, the door man rushed out to the car, and opened the door, for my client. “Countess.” He said with a nod of his head as he held the door for her.

He rushed up the few steps that led to the entrance door of the Hotel’s lobby and again gave her a nod as she passed.. hell I don’t even think he noticed me..

She went to the desk, a young guy was manning it, he too snapped to attention as she approached “No messages Maim” he said , all to fuckin professional for my taste. I also found it odd, that he didn’t hand her a key?

She went to the elevator, I followed, the elevator operator was just as respectful, poor sucker working for tips I thought, but this treatment my client was receiving was a little over the top. I guess that’s what happens in places like this, hell there weren’t no way I could ever stay in a joint like this, so what did I know?

The elevator stopped at the top floor “A penthouse dame if I ever saw one” I thought. The door opened to a marble lined entry way, at which there was a huge wooden door, and another door man in attendance. HE snapped to attention, and swung the door wide.

The inside of this room, was bigger than my apartment, my office, and the greasy spoon I eat most of my meals in. All of the furnishings were old, and perfect. Hell the whole place was perfect.

A man in a suite stood attention as we entered. I can only assume this was the butler? She dismissed him with a waive of her hand, and ushered me onto an all too large sofa which sat near an all too large fireplace.

“May I get you a drink?” She said, in her silky smooth voice, with that accent that drove me wild.

“Yea, sure doll.” I said, trying to keep my composure.

She moved, with cat like grace across the room to a large open bar, I heard the clinking of glasses, then ice, then the glug, glug of liquor as it filled the glass.

“Scotch?” she said half statement half polite question.

“Yea, that’s right.. scotch.” I said, not knowing how she had remembered I drank scotch, hell this broad knew too much, and that was a fact I told myself that I would have to get used to.

I am not sure what was in the glass she handed me, but it was scotch, and it was smooth, unlike anything I had had before.

“You like?” she said..

“yea I like…”

She sat down, her red dress opening a little at the blouse line, as she did.. I looked.. I could not help myself.. she smiled as if to say “ You like?.” And I smiled back as if to say “Yea, I like… I like a lot.”

Her hand went out and came to rest upon my knee. Her touch was hot and soft, and my pulse shot up a few beats at it. She leaned into me, and said “You know Mr. Lacrosse.. I have a secret?”

Her breath was sweet, and her body heat was so that I could feel it radiate against me..

“yea..” I swallowed hard. “what’s that?”

TO be continued..

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