Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol Notes from a reluctant viewer and Duke Lacross update..

First American Idol.. who will win Taylor Hicks of Katherine (Ket) McPhee???

Who gives a rat's ass?
Chris was the only good one and he went home two weeks ago.. will I watch tonights exciting conclusion of American Idol.. Nope.. I am playing in an online poker tournament.. wish me luck. Then in more important news... Duke Lacrosse Private Eye!

Does duke have the clap? Will his ding-a-ling shrivle up and fall off?
Will he end up in bed with Twins both named Tammy from Singapore?
(WHo happen to download sex videos onto their cell phones?)
...I'll never tell.. well not until the next episode of Duke Lacrosse PRivate Eye: Saint's Blood..

Cuming soon to a blog near you!

Image c/o Wikepedia

And what ever happend to the vampire picture updates you may be asking.. well I gotta tell you , ther earen't that many hot sexy vampire pictures out there, that do not violate the TOS with blogger.. sure you can get some great fangs on the old pecker shots.. reminds me of a fanatasy I need to discuss with someone.. but I digress.. really go to google images and try to find really hot vampire pics? With no nipples.. and no fangs on meat! It's damn difficult.

In further news.. Mal.. of Welcometowallyworld has invited me to a pow-wow in Pairs.. F ME! If it were only so easy to hop a plane and go visit.. well qite frankly he would have ot peel me out of a place in amsterdam I have grown fond of to get me back to paris.. but again I digress..

Why is it so easy for my European friends to travel.. it surly can;t be that htey have more disposable income.. after all we are taught that the Europeans are taxed into poverty.. aren;t they? Or could that be political bullshit? Hummm.. (I know better not talk ploitics, the last tiem I said that Bush was a wearwolf my blog was down for two days) Coincident or NSA.. you be the judge...

ANd let's talk youtube for a moment shall we..

Smokin hot Asain gilr.. nice.. I have a need for a smokin hot girl of asiatic decent.. and no it is not to pratice the next hot scene int eh duke lacrosse tales.. if you are smokin hot and wann be a star contact me or Mal my emailing me here or mal at welcometowallyworld..
and now I bring you , your orgasmic clip of the day.. again from yourtube.. and know that there is a special somone out there, that I woudl like very much to make , make these faces.. and noises.. are you her?? I'll never tell...

beautiful agony.. yep that says it all!

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