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Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint's Blood Part 5, Two's Company Three's a Ball!

Well the flat feet had the joint taken care of, if there was any chance of finding out who
gave Frankie the ol’ heave-ho they would have scared him away but good by now.. so that
left nothing to do but to comfort his former “dates”.

“Hey girls, looks like Frankie, ain’t gonna make the show tonight, how about we blow
this joint and head on over to my place?”

Again the girls looked relieved that my fat fuck of a former friend wasn’t going to be the
lucky one tonight. They agreed, hell as far as I know they just wanted to get away from
the police before they had to asnwer questions.

The drive back to my place, was interesting, we sat all three of us across the front seat of
my ’39 the girls I noticed were holding hands.. more than just friends I hoped, and soon I
found out.

The girls giggeld, well like girls, all the way up the stairs to my place.

“It ain’t fancy, but it’ll do” I said un locking the door, and letting it swing open .

I switched on the light, and felt a push form behind.. it was one of these crazy dames..
“damn sure are ready ain’t they?” Turning I saw it was both of them, I ain’t sure which
one had the other one in a lip lock, but they were as they pushed through the now open

I closed it quickly, no need to get the neighbors upset…

These two had done thins before, Frankie always did know how to pick’em.

They pulled and tugged at each-others dresses until both stood there naked as a new
born.. side by side, a blonde and a brunette.. Both tall even out of heels, and both in great
shape. The Blonde a natural blonde the brunette trimmed up all nice and pretty..

The walked at me slowly, almost as if stalking me.. one moved behind me the other in

Within a matter of minutes, they had me stripped down to nothing, the blonde was in
frront of me, on her knees, and my member was responding to her proximity… the
brunette behind.. I felt the brunettes hand between my legs she was rubbing my balls
from behind, this made my member stiffen quickly and the blonde took it into her
mouth.. I could feel the brunette nibblling a little on my ass as she worked my sack, her
hand went up to my shaft and she pumped it for the blonde.. this went on for a few long
moments.. I stood spellbound by their skills.

Then the brunette looked up and me, and said, “by the way, what’s your name?”

“I , ah.. I’m Duke, Duke Lacrosse.. “

“Well hi ya duke, I’m Cee Cee,”

I felt the brunette stand up, she wishpered in my ear “And I’m Dee Dee”.

Pretty soon they both had a hold of a hand, and were pulling me towards my bedroom..
What was I to to.. I fucking let ‘em!

“You wanna watch for a while Duke?” The blonde said, I could tell you was getting’
ready, and well we can’t let you rush this can we?”

“No no, we musn’t rush” I said, “you two go on have some fun.”

What happened next was the stuff of imagination.. these two were really into each other,
you could tell.

They started by kising, the Blonde was on the bottom, the brunetted layed on top of her..
From where I was seated. (Why not sit to enjoy a show?) I could see it all. Both of them
moving, like their hips like were fuckin a man, but nothing going in.. “what a shame” I
though.. I am gonna have to fix that here in a moment”.

Then the Brunette slid down the blond, real slow like, kissing and sucking at first her
neck then her tits, making each nipple hard as hard candy, then down the stomach, to her
blonde beaver.

The blonde gasped a little as Dee Dee’s mouth went to her, but after a moment, it ws
more the sound of an animal.. an animal who was really enjoying herself..

This brough Dee Dee off the side of the bed so that her ass was only about 3 feet from
me.. I reached out and gave it a good swat! She gasped at the sting, but then only laughed
a little and went back to her mouthing Cee Cee and rubbing her own juicy box, right here
for me to watch!

My cock was at full attention, and I was half tempted to storke one out.. right there.. but
next, Dee Dee got up, and straddled Cee Cee’s face..

I ain’t never seen two girls go at eachother like this.. they was both moanin and groanin,
it was Dee Dee that came first, she had to stop going down on Cee Cee while she did it..
she shook like a leaf, and deep gutteral moans came from her,, but as soon as the
climax’s shuders subsided a little, she was back down on Cee Cee.. now fucking her with
two fingers while she licked at her clit.. it did not take long before Cee Cee was
cumming, I could see her tight pussy contract with each spasm, and her moans were
nearly as animal as Dee Dee’s had been a few moments earlier.

Dee Dee looked up at me a glint in her eye, her chin wet with Cee Cee’s juices.. She slid
deftly off of Cee Cee’s face, Cee Cee sat up, and Said. “Come here and give us a kiss, we
want you to have a little taste too.”

I have tasted a few pussies in my life, but never off of another wonams lips and tongue,
we three kissed for a long time, then Dee Dee pushed me downwards, gently, I lay back..

They both got down next to my hard cock, and took turns sucking it, and stroking it.. one
would suck my head and shaft while the other tongued at my balls and they they would
reverse.. it was amazing..

Then without any cue I had seen, they stopped.. Dee Dee straddled me, taking my cock
into what I found to be a very tight hole.. it was hot and still very wet from the lead up
activities. Then Cee Cee sat across my face, she was sweet and so very wet.. The gilrs
were kissing and sucking eachothers nipples, necks and anything else that came to
mind… then the girls swapped positions.. Dee Dee tasted as sweet and as nice as Cee
Cee had.. and Cee Cee was as tight and mobile as Dee Dee.. “I could get to like this” I
was thinking..

Dee Dee slid off my face after a while, and said, “So which one of us do you like best?”

“Ah shit, I can’t decide, you’re both fantastic”. I replied.. Cee Cee still riding my cock..

“Well how about a side my side comparison” Cee Cee said.

She slid off of my cock, and Dee Dee stood me up along the side of the bed..

Both girls smiling at eachother, took to all fours on the side of the bed.. “Come on Duke..
try one then the other.. you’re bound to find one you like better? “ it was Dee Dee that
said this.

So I did.. who would let a lady down in this situation.. sure as hell not me!

Both were tight and both had great muscle control.. it flet like each was actually
squeezing my cock with their hot boxes.

“Damn I can’t pick a favorite, you’re both fucking great. “ I was having a great time and
from the looks of things they were too..

But all good things must eventually come to an end.. we flipped and flopped around into
every position I could fit three people into.. in the end the girls were in 69 again.. the
blonde on the bottom this time, I was stuffing that pretty brenette full when I couldn;t
hold back another second! The blonde’s mouth was on my sack and her fingers were
working Dee Dee the brunette into another climax when I came.. It was amazing.. it was
like Cee Cee could read my body, and why not her eeyes were inches away from my
sack.. at first pulse, Cee Cee took me out of Dee Dee and sucked me dry.. and all the
while she never missed a stroke on Dee Dee’s tight snatch. When I had came all I could
cum, Cee Cee let Dee Dee finish her off..
We all had out after sex smokes, and I had a Scotch. The girls drank a little wine I had
left over from a date months ago.

Then we all crashed.
It musta been 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning when we fell asleep, and I swear I was no more
than out when the dream came back.. only thins time It was not some asortment of
disembodied body parts, this time it was my client, live and in person.. first the hand,
then that mouth, red and warm and wet.. then her pussy, riding me.. that’s when I looked
up,, and saw all of her.. riding me, the hands on my chest, my cock stiff and deep in her..
up and down she moved, making an occasional circle. Ringlestts of that chestnut hair
barely covering her nipples, and oh how marvolous they were.. she leaned down to let me
suck them, and I did.. long pulls I took on them, they fit so well between my tongue and
the roof of my mouth.. she moaned with delight as I sucked them one and then the other..
her pussy I could feel sucking at my cock.. this was the best sex I had ever had.. there was
just somthing about the way she felt, that made me speachless.. as orgasm came close,
(Yes I am 40 and to recover so quickly after a threesome, well I woulda never thought it
possible either) she slid off of me, again taking me into that redder than red mouth, with
whiter than white teeth.. she drained me.. and kept draining me.. long deep pulls she
took.. I could feel my very essence draining away.. draining .. draining.. then darkness.

I woke up at about 6:00 at night ! The two girls D somthing and C somtheing were still
sleeping,, my head pounded.. I crept outa bed quiet as I could.. I was not ready to hear a
pair of dames yap.. and went to the pisser.

No morning wood for you, I thought feeling a lot more spent than I thought I would, well
fuck it, I ain’t 20 no more.. my piss came after a moment, and that pesky damn burning
was there again.. jezz I hope I ain’t got the clap I thought.. “ah fuck it, if it gets worse I’ll
see a saw-bones.” I thought.. After my piss I started to feel a bit better and thought I
would wake the girls to see if they didn;t want one more roll before I sent them packing.

Cee Cee was laying there, eyes, open, “Hey Doll” I said, to her blank stare.. she didn’t
respond. So I shook her a bit. That’s when I saw the blood. “Oh shit!” I pulled the sheet
back, and what I saw next made my skin crawl....

(To be continued)
Check back soon for an Update of Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: Saint's Blood.

Here read some real erotic stuff, thanks to anne rice.. (Anne we love ya)

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