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Duke Larcosse Private Eye:The Tammy NYP Incident. Part 12.. (well it’s white so it ain’t quite 12.)

And now the Exciting Conclusion to Soft Core Porn Star and Private Eye Duke Larcosse:The Tammy NYP Incident. Part 12.. (well it’s white so it ain’t quite 12).

When last we were with out Private Dick Duke Lacrosse…
I started to tense thinking I could take him.. but what good would I be dead on the floor of this porno pit? I relaxed and decided to enjoy the show..

Edgar had worked his way behind Wednesday, and started to activate the device she was strapped to..
With her hands tied high above here head, and legs tied far apart to two portions of the “machine” she started to tilt back.. the maciene was a sort of table as well as , from as far as I could tell a sort of kinky Rack like device..

Edgar smiled bradly as Wednesday was placed in to a tightly restrained supine position..

(As a foot note: this table was quite the little contraption, with a protrusion for each limb, that could be sized to the “wearer” the table moved up and down back and forth in circles and all four extremities could be moved through full range of motion with the touch of a button.. I could not help but think, that I need to get one of these.. can you iamgine the diner conversatiosn you could have over a table like this?!?!?)

Edgar then ordered Tammy, to “eat her”.. Tammy’s mask was removed by edgar, and her face was driven into Wedensday’s sweet spot.. Tammy was quite the willing participant, and judging form Wednesday’s squirming, and little muffeled gasps through her mask, quite good. Next it was Ebony’s turn to “torture” Wednesday.. again, the squirming and muled gasps told the full story.. Ebony was afterall a Pro in the porn business, and it was not long before Wednesday was calling out loudly.. as she did edgar unzipped and removed her mask.. Wednesday’s head was right at cock lever with Edgar.. and she leaned her head to the side so as to come eye to eye, with Edgar’s one eyed monster.. He moved in to give her assess.. she bit out at it like an animal.. and only missed the tip by a matter of a fraction of an inch.. “Good girl” I thought to myself.

Just then I felt Nix’s hand dart into my jacket, he pulled my .45 for the holster and pointed it at me.. along with his own gun. “Go on Mr. Lacrosse, time to teach that bitch some manners!” I moved into camera shot..

Edgar stepped aside, to manipulate some of the buttons and switches on Wednesday’s table of torture, he pushed this and that button, her arms spread wide and the head support lowered, now Wednesday; was stretched slightly by another push of a button which brought her goodie bundle down slightly and arched her back.. she squeaked a little in either pain or joy? I could not tell which..
“Go on Lacrosse” Nix said as he shoved me roughly toward the head end of Wednesday..
There I was her head now even with my crotch.. Edgar took his riding crop and made small circles on Wednesday’s bare nipples and breasts.. she looked up at me with a look that is hard to describe, part terror, part desire.. I saw Nix motioning at me from just off camera with one of the guns.. he seemed to be telling me to remove m trousers.. I thought it best that I did.. and I did.. and no sooner had I wiggled my boxers off, than Wednesday’s mouth was on me.. she sucked me hard.. and I started to move myself in and out of her mouth.. this was the first time I had gotten head in this position, and it was wild.. her tongue lapped at the top of my stiffening cock, and I thought I could see her throat expand with each intake of my now fully erect meat..

Edgar, went to Tammy and forced her again between Wednesday’s legs.. she dove in with great enthusiasm.. Edgar delivered a few sharp whacks with the riding crop to Tammy’s exposed ass, and this only seemed to drive her more insane with desire for Wednesday’s juices.. I could see it all from my vantage point, despite the bright studio lights in my eyes.. “I wonder if that camera is catching all of this?” I thought.. Edgar then got behind Tammy and thrust his Hungness into her.. she squealed with delight, and Wednesday seemed to get more turned on my the now rhythmic crashing of Tammy’s face into her wetness as Edgar thrust his meat home.. this of course drove Wednesday onto my meat.. I leaned down and grabbed Wednesdays small firm breasts in my hands, if I was going to go out of this world today, I was going to enjoy this ride.. I saw Ebony now, she climbed up onto Wednesday, her ass propped up for Edgar to see, he dove into it face first as he drove his meat into Tammy.. it was one hell of a pile up we had here..

I am not sure who came first, Wednesday, Tammy or Ebony, but in cascading moans , screams and squeals all three women were going off.. this drove me over the edge.. seeing how I was on film , I decided to do what any good old fashioned porn actor would do.. I pulled out, and gushed great strings of stick fluid all over Wednesday.. covering her Leather outfit, her face, and breasts.. I can only assume Edgar followed suit shortly afterwards.. because soon there was just a quiet hum of relaxed satisfaction as all five of us moved slowly against each other in our previous positions.. this time it was Nix who said “Cut! That’s a wrap, thanks people!!, you were great!”

Edgar, Tammy and Ebony all stood, and in a line with Nix and the camera man, started to applaud???

“What the fuck?!?!” I sad, not understanding or knowing what else to say..
I looked down at Wednesday, she had this big sit eating grin on her face.. like she was “in on something”.
I said :”Okay what’s the skinny?” down to her..
She looked up ant me and said simply.. “Happy Birthday Duke., help me get this get up off.”

I stood dumbstruck!

Edgar, Tammy, Nix and Ebony all started untying Wednesday, I still stood dumb struck..

“It was a gag Duke! A trick. You always said you wanted to be a porn star, and now you are.” Wednesday said.
I stood dumbstruck.

“I set it up with Nix months ago. He just happened to know our three co-stars, and thought it would be a hoot, and make for a pretty good amateur porn. The rest was easy.”

“What about the Knockout drops? The gun shot at eh Theater? The kick that ass hole delivered to my melon?” I said now glaring at Edgar..
“Well, the knockout drops.. they were for real.. sorry.” Wednesday said a little sheepishly. “the gun shot was an unfortunate coincident , Singapore is a dangerous place, and well with a face like yours…” She tailed off smiling..

“And as for the kick in the head… well duke, we had to make it feel real to you or what fun would there have been.. I am sorry that you get knocked out, I was only trying to knock you down so we could tie you up.. I am really sorry about that” Edgar said coming over to shake my hand.. having seen what he had been holding a few moments earlier, and the fact that it was still out and hanging, I waived off his hand and gave him a nod and a smile instead..

“Yep, your Ms. Wednesday came to me with the whole idea, front to back. “ Nix then injected. “We should clear a few hundred thousand on the last scene alone.” He said coming over and patting me on the back and handing me my .45 back.

“I could’ a shot you” I said to him.

“Nope.” Wednesday said cheerily” I replace d all your bullets with blanks and dummies.”

“Shootin blanks.. never thought I would say that with a grin” I said..

Nix assured me that I would get a first cut copy, for my porn collection, and royalty checks as soon as the production portion was over, and we went to distribution.. Wednesday and I went back to my place.. and made love well into the night..

I never did see or hear about Tammy NYP or Edgar again, it’s too bad you suckers here on this blog won’t be so lucky..
And Wednesday and I , well we didn’t live exactly happily ever after but that’s another story for another day..

So concludes, Duke Lacrosse Private Eye: The Tammy NYP Incident.
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Good night.

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