Tuesday, November 29, 2005

10 minute review of yesterday.. no wonder I'm Nutters.

Wake up.. wife tells me latest about M.. she went to jail last night for driving car with no plates.. and no insurance.. M is son's "baby-momma"... I am bad person for not wanting to go bail M out.. M & J (J is step-son) have no money becuase they breed like rabbits and have drug problems.

Go to work.. bad day.. always too damn busy after thanksgiving.. have 4 days of work to do.. yuck.. remember I have to go to a vendor.. 6 hour drive round trip.. shit! Ge tin car drive..
get to vendors.. project is going okay.. spend an hour making minor ajustments, that should already be made.. get in car drive back..
now it is 5 PM.. still have 4 days of work to do..
Mailing in from overseas.. this equates to another day of work.. in office.. another mailing.. shit now I ahave six days of work to do..
check voicemail.. loads of the crap! Write calls down.. call bac emergencies.. like COD package that went to customer that paid already with credit card.. make note.. fire shipping guy. (more than one mistake like this per day and you get canned.. sorry)

Put out fires.. friend in Seattle needs way too much stuff, should go through order department.. but he needs me.. (he likes me.. sucker) so take order, fire up computer, goddamned system has crashed.. call main ofice, IT guy has thrown in the towel, he has been working on system crash since 8:00 am.. good thing I was gone all day.. or I would be having a kiniption by now)
So no order taken for friend.. phone ringing off hook.. I answer (chump).. somone weants to track package.. that shipping guy probobly sent to Abu-Dabi instead of California.. (got to sack shipping guy) I can not track.. no system .. custoemr mad.. I say I will call tomarrow.. custoemr real mad.. I say computer down.. custoemr says go pull paperwork.. I say no paper to pull all in system.. customer berates me because I will nto go pull paperwork.. GODDAMN IT THERE IS NO STINKING PAPERWORK! (i thnik but say.. I am sorry I cannto look it up without the computer.. I promise to call you first thing tomarrow..)

now 6:30.. I am leaving.. I don;t car eif place burns down..

get home find out J is in jail now! Went to pick up car, had warrant for unpaid childsupport.. needs $1000 to get out.. I say don;t have.. wife says do have.. me bad man.. his kids starve.. go out into cold.. have no home.. yada yada yada.. I say if they did nto do drugs they would have money.. I am fed up with bailing sons out of jams that they get selvess into.. I am bad man.. wife does nto talk to bad man for rest of evening.. I go to bed alone, wife comes up an hour later.. gets under sheets.. pulls them off of me, without so much as a fuck you .. and goes to sleep.
4:00 am.. wake up.. dog making noise.. go have smoke.. go back to bed after a nice long pee..
In morning Wife asks why I got up.. says that M went home and was nto there.. (insinuating, I was going to go F , M in the night?)
M is damn cute, but for crissake..

Sorry for broken englihsh,, too much hury to type in full sentences..
I know I sound like Tonto.... bugger off.

I will more than likely delete this.. but hey I had to get it off my chest.. I feel better.

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