Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Movie review in four minutes.. The Usual Suspects.

I liked doing a movie review in 4 minutes so much I think that it will become my new format.. type like hell for four minutes (with my typing speed of 20 words per minute with 27 errors, this should make for short and to the point reviews)

Today’s review: Movie, The Usual Suspects.
Starring, I. dunno and Whosis Name, the guy from K-Pax, and a few other goofy bastards, released in 1995 (I think) No time for research in only 4 minutes)

Movie plot.. group of bad guys brought together by a NYC PD line up on apparently trumped up charges, plan a big heist.. this leads to another that goes badly..
Underlying it all is a boogieman of a bad guy with a name like Keiser VilHelm..
Keiser is a genuine bad ass, and as stated in the movie, he is the type of mythical character, that parents who are bad guys tell their kids about to keep them in line..
“If you are naughty Keiser Whatever will get you.”

I usually see the end of a movie about 12 minutes past the opening credits.. this one had an interesting twist at the end, that I was not expecting almost up and until the moment of the reveal, and even up and until the reveal I was still guessing.. I had two theories.. one turned out correct.. my wife did not get it at all and I had to explain it to her.. so if you are one who scratches your head and looks quizzically at the screen at the end of most movies this one probably is not for you. But if like me you love a good story that keeps you guessing right up until the end, you will appreciate ‘The Usual Suspects”

I give it 3.5 stars outta 5.

An enjoyable caper flick, with enough gratuitous violents for most gore fans to sink their teeth into .

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