Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What's in the top ten.. I don't care.. :-P

Well today did not suck nearly as much as yesterday.. although on only a couple of hours of sleep I could be just imagining it as okay..

Votes are still coming in on our hottest bloggertte contestants, adn I will publish an update soon.. maybe.. if I can stand to type Daphne Toa's name one more time..
Why is she in the top ten.. seems she is more popular in her absents than her being in the spotlight.. maybe I should stop bloging.. maybe then I could be number one..

I wonder what it really atakes to be a number one or top ten at technorati?
Wouldn't it be interesting, to pick a word say "delorumrex" and then a time, to start searching at technorati.. again and again.. until it makes a top 10?

Okay it wouldnt even have to be me.. lets say a Made up word like "Rafmizn".. you know the god of blogs.
(ask Nix he knows all about Rafmizn.)

Well ther eare more charges against J, he now will need well over $2000 to walk free, and if not, he will be parked until the 16th..
He was informed that if he fell behind in his child support while he was in Jail, another warrent would be issued against him.. poor fucker.. really.. at this rate even if he wanted to get straight, I can;t see how he can keep his head above water long enough, withough great luck, to keep his poor ass outta jail.

When asked if she would waive is back support so that he could keep his job, with the intention of catching up.. she said "fuck 'im" I can't say that I blame her really, he did fall behind over a year, before she went to the courts to have this wages garnished..

Seems that with the increasing fines, instated by this state, so that our governor could say that she did not raise taxes, poor kids once they get into trouble can;t dig their way out.

Example.. C. C was 15 years old when he wrecked his brother's truck. Brother S. was in prison for some felony or another, and C. borrowed his unued vehicle.. ran t into an anatmate object, nobody hurt but the truck. C did not have a license to operate a motor vehicle.. said non-license was suspended anyway.
C. has since been caught speeding a coupel of times, and has had his non-licence suspended some more, even did 6 months in jail for driving on a suspended.
Fines fro driving ona non-licence that has been suspended are $500 + court costs, + costs of incarceration.. C. needs to work to pay cout costs adn fines adn fees.. well C. drives to work, gets poped again, and gets suspended some more, and gets more ifnes and fees. (this repetes about 6 times.. so I will not bother you with all of the details.. , included in C.s driving misphaps, are also a DUI, and a Minor in possesion of alcohol.. the reason he had no license in the first place)
C. now works for little more than minumum wage.. C. has rent and bills to pay and a little over $12,000 in back fines and fees, to pay before he can pay an additional $500 to get his license instated.. and an additional $100 or so each year to keep his license.. ) C. sees no way to get his license, and has stopped trying.. but he has to drive to get to work.. the state says no to his aplication for a restricted license.. so he could take the bus.. but a bus to where he works now would take three transfers and a littel over an hour and he is unwilling.. so he drives.. (I don;t completely blame him.. )

Yes I have let C. live in my house for free.. and he blew his income on pot and alcohol.. so "fuck 'im!"

PS. C, has his first child due in about 6 weeks.. poor bastard.

Well, that's enough bitching for one day.. back to the net.. anything happen while i was working??
Shit four more hostages.. vidoe played on Al Jazeri tele.. see news link

Named storm Epsilon forms in Atlantic.. shit what is that 26 named storms this year.. must be George Bush and his hurricane machine again..

From the BBC..

The Ludlow Midevil Fayre is underway.. now that's a cool fair.. shit, I wish I was there.. at least it is only raining.. if you are going to do a renissance festival kind of thing.. do it in England I always say.

and in Cricket
Test match series England Vs. Pakistan England First Innings 248 for 6 (77.0 overs)
I love cricket but don;t understand shit about it.. it just makes me smile to here the announces..

I remember the first tiem I was in England, I was in a small town north of London, and after a full day of flying, sat in teh pub downstairs in teh Hilton.. (too expencive.. not good quality.. but that is another story).. it was grey skies and raining slightly outside, I take my stout into the lounge area, light up a ciggy, and hear the announcer before the tele came into view, I know I was about to watch my first cricket match, in England.. it was brilliant!
You could not have asked for a more appropriate setting.. ther eI was a bunch of Kensington fans watching their team win.. and cheering at every opertunity.. sipping a stout.. feeling slightly chilled by the weater.. simply inspiring..

I still smile, at the thoughts of those happy drunken English faces.. and under all the crowds roars, and sounds of the Pub, the sound of the announcer.. somber, and low voiced, even in pitch and delivery.. truly priceless.


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