Monday, November 28, 2005

Trophy video and being a technorati click whore.

First the disgusting thought of a trophy video...
over at Ageis Iraq PSD Teams Website was posted a video of
Iraq security services supposedly shooting innocent civilians in Iraq.
Reading the commentary on the web about tthis you will get everything from ATTA BOY! To absolute disgust and the call for an immediate withdrawl of all troops from Iraq.
Well here is my 2 cents.. This is war, and in war bad things happen to good people.
Those responcible for any illegal killing need to be brought to justice as soon as possible.
Westerners have no stomach for war, this has not changed since the VietNam era, why because we think of ourselves above killing and carnage?? Perhpas.
But facts are facts, rapes and murder happen in war, it is the nature of the beast, always has been always will be.
Until mankind on a whole is ready to set war aside, it will continue to be a part of our future, as it has been our past.
Man is good and evil and everything in between, this is a demonstration of man's evil, just as the videos of the civilians being decapatated by the terrorists.

Ther eis good and ther eis evil in every man, and to think otherwise is sheer ignorance. It is civilization that alows one charictor trait to shine above another. The Islamic culture is as responcible on a whole for the decapitations, as the western civilizations are for the civilian shootings. It's the same here folks..
There are nuts , kooks, and sicko's in every civilization, we can only hope that laws and government sort them out before they shoot an innocent, or crash a plane into a building.
Basiclay, humans suck!
Until we can unite as a people, each and everyone, and agree that we will protect eachother as we would protect ourselves.. we will continue to see nut jobs do bad things to other people, and some of us will cheer them on.

I am about to admit somthing here, when I started this blog I did not care if anyone anywhere clicked it, read it, or even knew about it.. but tiem changes all things, and I have seen myself becoming a technorati click whore..
I see myself posting mroe and more about topics that are in teh top ten this hour than what I am actually thinking..
There are a lot of technorati click whhores out there.. just take a look at how many times som blogger posts the top ten .. like I do here..

Top Searches This Hour
1. “Bob Herbert”
2. “Web 2.0”
3. “Xbox 360”
4. “Pajamas Media”
5. “Age Of Anxiety”
6. Apple
7. “Black Friday”
8. “David Brooks”
9. “Trophy Video”
10. “Ramsey Clark”

My intentions are not evil, I simply want to get attention of readers that may otherwise never be introduced to my misspelled ramblings.. but click addiction is real.. I am a click addict.. I need your clicks to make me feel good.. (dramatized for your protection)

Can you see it now.. a bunch of us all in a smoky room, coffee perculating in the big pot somewhere in the back.. and I stand up and say "Hi, my name is Delorumrex, and I am a click whore"

Perhpas some blogger somwhere will start the 12 step program.. I might just sign up.. as long as my sponsor is on the bottest blogger list.

I am raising my right hand.. and thinking of my pegan god. when I say.. I will do my duity to be less of a click whore.. and more of a genuine sicko-pervert blogger.

If you.. you might be a technorati click whore..
Know what technorati is
know when the last time you pinged was
have written more than one blurb about, web 2.0, daphne Tao.
Know when she changed from Yao to Yang
have ever posted a link to all of the top ten in one article.
know what a tag is
know how to anticipate the next hot tag
tag using common mispellings so as not to miss one dumb-dumb
have quite talking about anything that interests you.
wonder why people around you don;t know the names of at least 6 singaporian bloggers.

(the list goes on, but it don;t get funnier, so I will quit here..)
Blog on my little droogy woogs.. blog on..

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