Friday, December 02, 2005

How much is this blog worth... and a bunch of other random stuff.

My blog is worth $2,822.70.
How much is your blog worth?

Go ahead click the link and see how much better you are.. 8-P

Funny if you break this down into $/hr I am (given that I could actually sell my blog) worth about $0.09 an hour! HOT DIGGITY DAMN!

And momma always said that the internet would lead me down the road to destruction..
or was that Guns and Roses? I get the two mixed up you know.

(I think it is all the Tattoos that confuse me so)

Actually Mom had all of her tattoos removed surgically a few years back.. she says that the battle ship on her tits was the worst.. and that the endless names of all the cowboys that had ridden it across her ass, was not so bad.

I have tattoos now too.. nothing to drastic.. I like tattoos on women.. especially the low back pieces.. the tribal stuff that goes right between the the ass dimples.. ohh la laa..
I also like a pierced nose on a woman.. you know the little diamond on the side of the nose.. I think it's sexy.

I used to have a real fetish for Goth girls.. call me weird, but the whole black clothing/vampire thing.. it’s just hot.

Lately, I have found that my fetishes have tamed.. or broadened.. perhaps it is because I am becoming an out of shape middle-aged man? I find that my perception of beauty is broader than ever before. I love the shape of a woman.. no not a 1000 pound woman, but I mean from thin to thick, I find them all attractive in their own way.

Sure there are still "preferences" but really I see beauty in most women.
There is just something magical about the softness of a woman breast, the curve of her hips..
I don’t know maybe all hetero males feel this way, but I do not think that as a society we say it enough.. that women are beautiful just for being women.

Well it is Friday, "got any big plans for the weekend"? I hear co workers asking each other.. I do not get asked that much anymore, as I never have plans. (Well almost never) This weekend, I will watch some more Monty Python stuff, with luck catch a horror flick in there somewhere, and drink a fifth of Capt. Morgan.

Sunday i will spend a portion of the afternoon with my grandmother. She is getting up there you know, and I feel like these are the last years I will have with her.. of course they are.. everyone dies.

Life: "Nobody gets out alive!"

Perhaps death is proof that there is no god.. if we were perfect we would never die.. (I know all the arguments against this though, so don’t bother) But we, humans are flawed, in design as well as societaly. If we were not flawed, explain tooth decay. Why do we only grow two sets of teeth? Elephants grow 7 or 9 sets of molars.. why don’t we.. hell look at sharks, they replace teeth daily.. no cavities then!

Then look at us as social animals.. you think we aren’t flawed.. explain holy war to me.. devil's work.. yea well then god created the devil? God knew the outcome.. what's the point?
Okay lets say that there is a god.. a big creator in the sky.. if there is and he is "good" then he must not have the power of precognition.

Either that or he's bad.. and likes to see his creations in pain.

I prefer to think of us as a series of electro-chemical occurrences.. and then nothing.
I hope that one day medicine sees us this way, and with technology can permanently cure disturbances in any of our electro-chemical processes. Then we will have no illness.. or at least very little.

Morals question: If you could stop the appearance of aging at any one point in your life, but would in turn die in half the time, would you do it?
What age would you pick?

How would you be sure that , that age is when you "look" or "function" your best.
My best looking years were in my 30's.
At this point, I do not think I would bother.. but if you had asked me 10 years ago, I may have said "YES".

Then I would have sacrificed how many years? It would have been a poor decision for me.. you see.

(ask me again in 10 years, and I may say differently)
Today’s biggest news seemed to be about capitol punishment.
I think it odd, that after reading Singaporean blogs that paint Americans as Neanderthals, that Singapore today hung someone for drug running. Sure we can but guns, at 18 and many of us do. But our government at least reserves capitol punishment for more appropriate circumstances.. and don’t you still cane people for minor infractions? Lets face it society everywhere is screwed.

Also since the re-instatement of the death penalty, the good old US of A has killed 1000 death row inmates.

I have very mixed emotions about capitol punishment.. some criminals I do not care if they live or die.. I do not care if they could be rehabilitated.. I think we wait too long to kill many of them..
Let's say you are caught beating, raping and killing a child.. caught red handed.. right after your trial.. if you are found guilty.. then you should be brought out of the courtroom and shot dead. No appeal.. no living in solitary for years, waiting to die.. just BANG! DEAD! Next.
But then there are cases that are less clear.. where you may in fact be innocent, despite a jury or 12 people who were too dumb to get out of jury duty found you guilty.. so is that what judges are for? To decide if capitol punishment should be considered? Not as long as Judge is an elected position, they should not be.. too many opportunities in a worst case scenario to make a political decision due to voter pressure..

So I have to come down on the side of no capitol punishment.. and it sucks! It is not because I do not believe in it, it is that I do not believe in the system that has to carry it out.
Talk radio:

I listen to talk radio, both right wing and left wing talk show hosts.. I like a balance.
But I have to say, that I think I have found out why the cons get the ratings.. they are more optimistic! I hear dems bitching about this and that , that the administration is doing or has done, and how they will block this or that, or boycott this or that, but no plan to replace the current situation is put forward.. just a bunch of bumper sticker slogans.. like "America can do better". Well sure, but now tell me how you plan to do it!

The cons, sure they are in power now and that makes it easy to be optimistic, but I started listening to talk radio in the 80's! With either party in power, the cons have kept a positive message. and with all the bad news you hear today, people get damned tired of hearing more from political talking heads.

So if Air America , Thom Hartman, or big Eddy ever want to have Rush-like ratings, they had better start having a positive point of view! Have a plan have a vision and be happy to be alive in such a wonderful time in history... otherwise you will go the way of the do-do. (JMHO)
(This is why con Michael savage does not have Hannity/Limbaugh like ratings.. to negative)
And that is that for this evening, I plan to do a little surfing this weekend, so if you care to post a message i will more than likely see it.

Remember this site is free to copy and pass around to friends or talk show hosts.. we only ask that they give credit where credit is due.



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