Sunday, November 27, 2005

Movie Review: And Now For Something Completely Different (Monty Python)

At first I thought, I was having deja'Vu but no.. this was a theatrical release of some of the Python's finest sketches.. but with a slightly bigger budget than was allowed for the television series.

Released in 1971 when most of America had not heard of the Pythons, made on a skinny budget, but with better sets and clearer photography than was allowed for the tele.
This little DVD has nearly all the best sketches on it.. well most of my favorite anyway.. From "The Lumberjack Song" to "The Dead Parrot" to the Hungarian Translation Book debacle. they are all here.

This is an important piece of Monty Python history and a real piss-your-trousers funny DVD.
A must have for any Monty Python fan on your list!
5 out of 5 stars!


Anonymous said...

I love Monty Python! Thank you for the recomendation!
You're blog is quite funny

DelorumRex said...

thank you...