Thursday, December 01, 2005

National Radio exposure for my Blog???

This is only a rumor.. But it is a good source.. So it may just be true.
A national conservative radio talk show host today before noon quoted my article Random thoughts random spellings (Reviews of life): The de-Christmasification of America. One AtheistÂ’s Perspective.

but he did not give credit..

So to my dearconservativee talk show host with an audience of "millions" thanks for stealing (using) my writings, and not giving credit..Please come back again sometime when you can stay a little longer..Prick.

perhaps, it was passed on as an email without proper credit?Perhaps it was someone eelse's blog article, with a strikingly similar title, and substance?Perhaps I am just too outrageous at times to ever be promoted by the "main-stream" or perhaps, the Talk Show host in question is just a material stealing douche-bag?

This is DeRex, signing off from La La land..Good day.


Anonymous said...

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DelorumRex said...