Friday, December 02, 2005

What's a Delorumrex?

Delorum Rex, a misspelling of the Latin for (roughly) King of Pain.

Why Delorumrex?
Well back a little more than a decade ago, my wife left me for a "friend" of mine. This asshole actually had "King of Retail" tattooed on his chest under a loin.
Why, because he could fuck anyone out of money in a retail environment.

So at first, because I wanted to give him great pain, and later because I grew to understand that I could master my own emotional pain.. I took the moniker Delorumrex. "The King of Pain".

These days, it has lost much of it's original meaning, but is still a reminder to me, that all adversity can be overcome, by sheer will alone, if that is your only available tool.

A couple of years ago another friend, who knew me through my hard time going through divorce, and now sees me as a peaceful person, who loves quiet and order, said why not change it to Pax Rex (Peace King or King of Peace) While it is an interesting sign of the change that can happen in one life, I still have to hang my hat on DelorumRex.. it is now a reminder of why I am where I am, and why I want to be here.

So wishing you Pax, this is Delorumrex


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