Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sacking somone..

Today I have to sack on of my employees.
He is not a bad guy, but today he was late for the 3rd tiem in his first 90 days.

I feel bad that this close to christmas I am cutting off his pay, but I have to do it.

He came to me through a temporary service, I do not like hiring temps, as I have found that they are not as reliable as many of my non-temp hires.

I always think that ther eis a reason why this uy/gal is getting work through a temp service rather than a more traditional means.. perhpas I am just showing some sort of bigotry towards temps?

But after several hires, I find that they just do not seem to work out well over the long term.. I hate fireing people.. I really do.. but it is a part of my job that I must do from time to time.

But I may in a pinch hire another person through a temp service.. they are fast to get you a body if that is what you need.

I have already found my temps replacement, somone with 2 years in my industry, with all the right skills except computer, and I htink I can teach that.. so wish me well.


Anonymous said...

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DelorumRex said...

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