Wednesday, November 23, 2005

All That Jazz a review in the making..

Well here I sit waiting on Nix.. that wanker.. I suppose it is only fair as he waited a week for me to find a copy of all that Jazz.. as my local ballbuster did not cary it, so I went to netflix.. I like netflix.. one day delivery! Cool.

SO Nixie.. I'm waiting.. to see your review adn to see if you managed to get the desk girl up to your room to watch it with you..
I hope both..

If you want to play with Nix and I and review it right along with us.. you can
a. Go to Ballbuster and be let down.
b. Go to and rent a copy.. (first month is free.. cool)
c. Actually buy a copy from by clicking the link below. (Nix swears he likes it..)

(I recomend that you do read the reviews over at amazon.. because every knows.. we're bloody nutters!)

I don't think anyone including nix will be suprised that I thought it was CRAP!

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