Sunday, November 20, 2005

movie rentals online..

Where's Nix when you need him???

Alrighty nix.. I am ready to give up on BallBuster as I called every one in town and asked for All That Jazz.. half of the dim-wits i got on the phone said"We don't have music here dude"
So I am ready to go online to rent movies..

Question.. we all know about netflix but what about this one?

Took away banner... (they suck)
Seems very similar and cheaper too.. any input?

Now This one looks good!

Blockbuster online DVD rental

Peace.. dude.
Part two typed after a nap..

Alright Nix you BIOTCH!
I am signed up.. I have ordered "All That Jazz" and filled my que with another 30 or so flicks.. damn I think I like this going online shit.. I did not see any "mature" films at Netflix.. not that I need porn or anything, but it is nice to know it is a click away should the need arise?
Netflix has a Gay and Lesbian section.. but no porn.. I think i am confused.. either you are a closed monded right wing POS or you are not.. seems like they are trying to have it both ways.. .. no I take that back.. they don;t have any moveies where chicks go both ways..

Gay Marriage.. I am not opposed to it, as long as both of the chicks are hot.
(okay that was my Neanderthal moment for the day.. )
At anyrate, I likeed both and Inteleeflix was a bit cheaper for the program I wanted.
Net flix did not have adult movies..
Netflix is better known.. Inteleflix says they have faster shipping.. it is a fucking toss up. I went with.. never you mind what I went with..
Let the games beging my young Nix friend.. Tune up your banjo and let the best man win.. or um somthing like that.. biotch!


NixEclips said...

Well, I checked out IntelliFlix and, quite frankly, they fucking sucked. A dollar cheaper for what is a seemingly inferior library? No fucking way. Their search sucks, as well. I pray to Fenrir that you went with NetFlix. I used my new test on both. I looked for the film "Aftermath". Not the 9/11 thing. This is about a guy who does autopsies that gets a disturbing attraction for his current corpse. Netflix has it. Intelliwhatever does not. (And I even looked under "Aftermath/Genesis" , as well.

Nix says: NetFlix, bitch.

DelorumRex said...

See nix this is why you should be here for me to ask lame assed questions of 24/7...
Actually I went with NetFlix.. (but don;t tell anyone)

Netflix had a real smooth interface, easy sign up and lets face facts.. if you're gonna give your credit card number to somone.. it is better to go with the "known quantity". IMHO.

Now leave it to you, to come up with a strange azzed movie to use as an acid test.. damn I thhought I was a movie nut.. dude you need to get a job in the industry.

So if asked DeRex Says Netflix.. biotch.

Anonymous said...

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