Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Head pounding.. vision blurry.. still I type...

More random shit different day.. I have a fucking ginourmous headache today.. so fuck you if you don;t think I'm cute or funny.

Things I wish I had thought of, and maybe just maybe was the first.

handle for blogging.. "Uniblogger"
nick name for Paris Hilton's fame machine.. Vaginormous!

Why is it that I feel the need for Validation from my significant other.. and without it, find that I have a sinking self esteem? When Iwas single I had a good level of self worth, but now that I am married, if she so much as hints that I suck.. I feel like shit!

Perhpas that is what I truly desire in a relationship more than anything.. validation.. just somone letting me know that I count.. that i have value!

When people first get into relationships, they spend hge amounts of time adn energy validating the other.. but over time, as our filters drop.. it seems that most people are just mean fuckers!

and this is normal?
Its fucking nutters!

(I think I am going nuters as a result.. no wonder i have headaches huh?)

Well shit this was not nearly as funny a post as I had orriginaly planned.. I think I will go slit my wrists now.. before holiday season kicks in and i have a house full of loonies for the following weeks.. (just kidding.. I would never slit my wrists.. )

Nutters: Look mummy has gone nutters.. let's all have some pie.

nuff for now.. peace..

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