Monday, November 21, 2005

movies.. and randon thoughts and occurances...

Maybe it was the fact that I did quite literally NOTHING all weekend.. maybe it was the glass of absinth I had Friday night.. as I finished my delightful piece of prime beef, and shitake mushrooms that were dinner ?
Perhaps it is just that I have been paying more attention to the little things.. but whatever the case, I have a ton of shit to talk about,,, that no one in their right mind other than me, would be interested in.

There are so money little things I am not sure where to start.. ever been there?

So lets start with Movies..
Nix outta’ like that.

Movies.. I started to watch Platoon.. made it nearly to the end before A.D.D. kicked in and I had to go do something else..
I really like Platoon.. it makes me want to make a list of favorite movies..
The thing is most of them are pretty mainstream and some I don’t want you to know I like.. so with my tongue sticking straight out at you.. I will not make the list here today.. at least not the complete list.. for that you will just have to read the rest of the crap I write and put it together on your own.

Short list War movies.

Full Metal Jacket
84-C Mopic
Good Morning Viet Nam
Hamburger Hill
Apocalypse Now

In no special order, and I just know I am forgetting one or two..
Note all Vietnam Movies? Seems that either I am fascinated with it, or that ther earen’t many good movies dealing with wars we won?
Strife makes right in a story, I had a Professor tell me once.. maybe he was right..

Gangster Movies: I freakin love em!

Reservoir Dogs
The Godfather I, II, and III.
And this list goes on and on and on.. shit if we went back to B&W movies, you could add damn near every Bogart film and half or the Edward G. Robinson films to the list..

Then we have horror..
Here is where Nix and I are the same but different..
I liked Darkness Falls.
The first Haloween.. the sequels sucked
Same with A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Wrong Turn
Night of the Living Dead
Rose Red
The Stand
Dracula (Original)
Frankenstein (Original)
The Mummy (Original)
Etc, etc, ad nausium
And then we have the list of movies I will watch because chicks dig ‘em…
Gangs of New York
The one where Brad Pitt damn near gets fucked up by the bear.. what’s it’s name.
Dances with Wolves
Key Largo.. Bogart.. best film on the list really.

Then there is the list of movies, I watched as a kid, that still hold a special place in my heart.. because it makes me all mushy to think back on those times.. fuck you, I ain’t tellin’ you what they are .. right now.

So now I have work to do.. things to see and people to fire.. wish me well.. the life I change may be your own.


DelorumRex said...

"randon"? is that like radon? or more like RANDOM.. jeesus I type like I am using my feet!

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