Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Review of a Movie that Sucked: Stealth

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I got 4 minutes, so I will get right to the point.
After seeing this movie I thought it was bad but watchable.. but now a couple of days later.. well, I just think it sucked.
Hollow plot.. mediocre acting.. and an ending that just left you feeling like.. well like it SUCKED.

I will blow the ending here.. so if you plan on seeing this piece of crap.. stop reading.

The cyborge plane.. in the end.. well it sacrifices itself for its wing man.. after shooting off about 12,000 rounds into nowhere.. it crashes headlong into a helocopter gunship.. saving the hero and love intrest..
WHY? Did it not want to be taken alive? what a load of crap.. it was a fucking machine, that thought and flew better than any human (this is the plot.. not my story)
So why not fly off, then come back around a machine gun the helocopter? Why not do some fancy pointing the nozzles up and jet washing the helpcopter? WHY WHY WHY!!!

Why did I sit through 90 minutes of this poorly written cartoon.. god save you if you do.. tripe from start to finish and not a nipple to be seen anywhere! A full frontal shot of the leading actress may have been enough to save this movie, but I doubt it!

HAL was more endeeing than this cyborg plane.. was I supposed to feel bad at it';s demise? Well if so I did not.. nor did I care that the hero made it out, with his POA co-star.. this movie sucked.
That';s my 4 minute review.

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