Monday, November 21, 2005

Morning quickie..

  1. 6. Murtha
  2. 7. Bush Door
  3. 8. Riya
  4. 9. “Nicholas Kristof”
  5. 10. “Dawn Yang”
These are the top 10 searches over at Technorati this hour..

Here is the thing that disturbs me.. the search (edited mildly for your protection)
"Kara Bordens Pu55y" is a top search in my logs.. !
Dude if you have gotten here searching for "Kara Bordon's Pussy" or "Kara Bordon's Nude Photos" please get some help now.. I am as much a man as the next guy.. but she is a 14 year old girl! SHe's a kid! If you want to look at a little girls beaver, you need some help now.. so disconnect your internet connecton.. go to the phone book.. look under psychologists.. and make a fucking appointment!
I ain't judging you.. I am just saying that you need help..

Now if on the other hand you have nude photos of women that are over 18.. and have no interest in a little girl nude, then go ahead and email em to me..

I do not think that there is anything more beautiful than the shape of a naked woman.. but the enphasis is on "woman". Wo-man: An Adult female human.

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