Saturday, November 26, 2005

Where in the world is Daphne Teo.. hanging with carmen diego? And Hottest bloggerette update

Daphnie Teo.. why is she still at Technorati? And What's the fuss all about.
Well my little Droogi Woogs, sit right back and let me tell you a tale..
Daphne seems to have wilted like an orchid in the spot light of public scrutiny.. a once popular bloggertte that has now aperently sworn off blogging..

I have always said until someone sends you hate mail, you just haven't made an impact.
It appears that Daphne was never told this... so as former fans and haters go to Technorati looking for her return and typing her name into the search box, she stays in the top 10!
(and as far as this reporter can tell, she is not out there.. she just is not blogging these days! It appears that she is one blogger that has sworn off blogging and meant it! Too bad really, because if she would follow my advice at Money Making Online Blog and just post a smalll blurb and occasional picture each day, she could be making good money from her blog, from fans and haters alike!)

This has led to a number of false Daphne Teo's stealing a bit of the spotlight.
A number of bloggers and commenters claiming to be Daphne Teo!
(It's genius really).

I'm Daphne Teo, Yes I'm the real Teo
all you other Daphneo Teo's are just imitating..
So won't the real Teo Please stand up.. please stand up.. please stand up...

In further developments, we have a change in poll position for our hottest bloggerette standings...
as of this writing the contenders are as follows.
In first place Xaixue with 6 votes
Still with 5 votes and now in second Dawn Yang / Yeo
With Two votesReena Vasquez!
And the International Woman of Mystery.. Daphne Teo in last place with one vote.

Be sure to leave a comment to vote for (or nominate) your favorite or Hottest Bloggerette.

Also I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to go shopping at Amazon .com or at ebay by clicking on my banners (below). I hope that you are as happy with those two companies as I have been over the years. I also hope that they make your holiday shopping as easy and painless as they have made mine this year.
Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
(Nix would say: DeRex? He's got more than one heart?)

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